There is Rocco in Florence and it will be an extra motivation to try to win, to start running again after the gloomy Monday of Brescia. Lazio is a great opponent, but the Franks, especially this year, is the extra weapon, the thrust it takes to think big. In the city there are great hesitations in speaking of goals for this Fiorentina, almost as if one were to follow to the letter the road of the "year of transition" indicated by the company.

Whether it's year zero is clear to everyone, but I say why not. Why not try to stay with the strongest all the way, because you don't leave room for the purple dreams that have remained so in the drawer. Europe is a very difficult goal to reach, the competition is dense and very tough, but Fiorentina has ideas, it has freshness and enthusiasm, it is talented and compact. If he finds the right resources on the bench, if he doesn't skid in the hardest moments, he'll have the right credentials to at least try. Tonight's game in this sense will be a great test. Lazio does not live its best season, but is more mature than the viola, more conscious, technically stronger, especially in midfield, where Luis Alberto, Lucas and Milinkovic can really make a difference against any opponent. In attack then there is Immobile, which despite the name makes the movement its best weapon. Ciro is unpredictable, he attacks the depth and uses his shot to take the time to the opponents: in theory he is the worst opponent for the purple markers, even though (so far) Montella's three-man defense has held a blow against anyone.

The real advantage comes from Europe, in the sense that Lazio played in Scotland on Thursday night, while Fiorentina were able to recover the injured players in the tranquility of the pitches. Inzaghi's team will be full of rage and desire for redemption, but it is undeniable that the umpteenth defeat of this year (the fourth, including the cup) a few alarm bells made it ring: a Formello pulls air from the end of the cycle , while here everything has just been reborn. Inzaghi is perhaps the best young Italian coach, but he has been there for a lifetime and with Lotito they are not just roses. Then there is the story of Milinkovic, held back by force despite many offers, and a Champions League run-up, caressed several times, but never caught. In short, theoretically they are better, but at the same time also vulnerable. The key to the game then will be aggression and patience. Against teams with good feet you need to know when to press, when to push on the accelerator and raise the center of gravity, and at the same time when to wait, especially to prevent people like Immobile from slipping away. The rest, as always, will have to be done by Franck & Fede, the purple jewels in slow version on Monday, but that the Franks could bring back rock today. The Italian mainly comes from a week of controversy, softened by his birthday and physical progress after the muscular trouble accused in the National team. A Church night would be the best possible answer. Let's try then. Without hassles, but with the stubborn eagerness all over Florentine in mind to not be inferior to anyone, to be able to succeed even where it seems damn complicated. In a few months we have already broken several taboos: we do the sports center, we think seriously about the stadium, we take Ribery and fill the stadium, we talk about football again, we have a game and a reason to wait for games with the adrenaline of the old days. Fast fast fast, it's the mood of Rocco. And it is also becoming ours.

Ps: Speaking of fast fast, Commisso could enjoy his first trophy today. To give it to him could be the purple girls, who in Cesena will challenge Juve in the Super Cup. Last year a goal by Mauro earned the triumph, a great bis would be the top. Otherwise there is always the Primavera, which tomorrow will play against Atalanta, too, the Super Cup. In a few hours, two cups to be won and the direct confrontation with Lazio: welcome back Mr. Rocco.



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