Coca-Cola: a first bottle made from marine plastic waste


After McDonald realized that customers were more and more concerned about the impact of waste on the environment, it is another company that is beginning to take an interest in the world without waste: Coca-Cola.

The firm recently launched the first bottle made from recycled waste from the oceans. These innovative bottles are made from recycled marine plastic, collected by volunteers on the beaches and in the Mediterranean Sea. The big brand has launched a first edition of 300 bottles, seen as innovative, which incorporates more than 25% of marine plastic. Coca-Cola was able to create this revolutionary bottle thanks to a partnership with the Dutch star-up Loniqa Technologies concluded on December 13, 2018. This agreement makes it possible to establish a recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), a rigid plastic of superior quality for the new recycled bottles Coca-Cola. This event is anchored in the design of the company Coca-Cola that seeks to contribute to a zero waste world. The Coco-Cola bottle created from marine litter is a test, a demonstration to show the evolution of technology and that solutions are possible to live in an ecological world without waste … while drinking Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola Company plans from 2020 to put in its bottles recycled materials, in order to remove the plastic for single use. If the company succeeds, it could become the first to operate without traditional plastic waste packaging. This innovation speaks volumes about the advancement of technology. "A drop of water for the moment, but the technology that has enabled this feat shows significant progress", as announced on the website Coca-Cola France.

"Advanced recycling technologies hold great promise for us, but also for industry and society as a whole. They are accelerating the closed circuit circular economy model applied to plastic and that is why we are investing in these technologies ", says Bruno Van Gompel, Supply Chain Technical Director of Coca-Cola.

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