Chiariello: "Then you say that I get angry with Ancelotti, it was the match of life for Napoli and he decides to …"


The well-known journalist harshly attacks the Napoli coach, guilty in his opinion of not having deployed the best training against Spal.

The Naples does not go beyond the draw on the field of Spal. The goal of is not enough Milik in the first half, after a few minutes the peer of also arrives Kurtic. Azzurri once again in difficulty in finding offensive outlets, but above all the team does not seem to have the necessary hunger to attack the opponents from the first minute and to have continuity of results. After the victory in the Champions League, therefore, still a cold shower. And it's a shame given the draws of Inter and Juventus against Parma and Lecce. Napoli remains far from the top of the standings.

Umberto Chiariello, a reporter for Canale 21, on his twitter profile, he was very tough with regards to the Napoli coach. These are his words: "Then you say that I get angry and I have it with Carletto. But if you don't take advantage of these opportunities when you recover? Was it the case to do turnover or was it to be played as the race of life with the best training? Can they ever stay out of Ruiz and Callejon in the race that puts you in the race? Bah! ". Impossible to blame him.

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