Celine gets off the hook in Ottawa


Celine Dion scared us Tuesday night in Ottawa. Visibly annoyed vocally, the diva almost stopped her show after a handful of songs. But she struggled vigorously to regain her form on sunny days and finish her concert with panache.

Back on stage after a three-week convalescence that forced her to postpone her six performances in Montreal, the singer was solid at the Canadian Tire Center. Could one detect remaining virus opening? No. The triumphant air is with the raised fist that she attacked It's All Coming Back To Me Now. Alone on stage, she was cheerful and full of energy. Same thing in In another world, delivered with force and without apparent restraint.

The first signs of trouble came – without warning – on you and I'm Alive. A few missed notes, an unplanned break, frightened glances backstage … The more the songs progressed, the more the 51-year-old appeared worried. Once the music stopped, the singer confessed that something was wrong.

"You've probably noticed it: I'm struggling right now," she said, referring to a cold. In my career, it never happened to me to think: Will I continue or not? I felt strong this afternoon though. Now, I'm not so sure … "

The evening, which looked rather bleak, then took another (unexpected) turn when The Power of Love began to resonate. Although she had asked the audience to help her overcome this demanding power ballad, Celine Dion did not need it, reaching every note with almost surgical precision.

After a change of costume and a flawless Beauty and the Beast, question marks finally seemed a thing of the past. To the greatest relief of the 13,000 people present.

The rest of the concert went smoothly. Once her confidence was restored, the star seemed unshakeable. The tour de force continued until the last note of My Heart Will Go On, sung in the recall. And just before revisiting So that you still love me acoustically, the fighter thanked with emotion the crowd to have supported. "Although it was very difficult for me, you carried me. You sang with me. You encouraged me. And that's worth all the gold in the world. I truly appreciate it. I will never forget our evening. "

Celine Dion delivered to her Ontario fans much the same show she had given her Quebec fans in September at Center Videotron, but slightly shortened.

All By Myself and Regarde-moi have been cut off. Bilingual audience requires, several pieces in French punctuated the musical program, including Ziggy, If it was enough to love and One more evening.

Celine Dion is expected to leave the country Wednesday night after her second concert in Ottawa. She will fly to Cleveland, Ohio. She will resume her performances at the Bell Center in Montreal on November 18, 19, 21 and 22. She will also be back on February 18 and 19 to complete her series of performances … hoping that no new viruses will come to play spoilsports.

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