Final results

Sassuolo – Fiorentina 1-2
(24 'Boga – 63' Castrovilli, 81 'Milenkovic)

DRAGOWSKI – First half with little glory: very little actual work for him, forced anyway to collect Boga's shot at the bottom of the bag. Faultlessly. The recovery, if possible, is even more serene for him. Marbled in the final by Marlon after one evening (almost) as a spectator, 6

Milenkovic – Not very well on Boga, given that it gives him too much space in the goal action. In the same he had also risked giving a penalty. He manages to make up for it with interest, given that deposits the tap-in that is worth the victory, 7

PEZZELLA – Try to play the charge from a long distance, but he too is caught late after the Boga giant slalom. At the end of the first half, he also removes a warning that will cost him disqualification. In any case, guide the defense well, canceling Caputo. Overall it's safe, 6

COME – Important examination for him, repeated from 1 'in a new role, that of the third central defensive. Moreover on the side of the weak foot, the left. There is Berardi in those parts, and after less than a quarter of an hour he is already admonished, perhaps a little severely. When it is diverted to its natural role, as a right-back, the music changes. Assist for Castrovilli included, 6.5

Thin – Anyone who waits in front of him, remains disappointed: he sees himself in the position of a right-hand bend in the whole band. In which it denotes different limits of defensive reading, and if this happens on the side of a Boga in great shape, they can only be pains. Many crosses, all wrong: the last half hour is spared, 5

from 61 'GHEZZAL – It has at least the merit of bringing the coach to change form, passing to a 4-3-3 that gives a newfound vitality to Fiorentina. It was enough for him to have been there to guarantee his sufficiency, 6

BENASSI – Montella makes him debut as a starter in this league to make Badelj breathe, obviously in his natural role as a midfielder. And in the end he brings home an honest performance: it does not steal the eye, but it is there when needed. He had also marked … 6

since 87 'BADELJ sv

PULGAR – First real game as a solitary director for him, who goes to occupy the central tile with Badelj on the bench. The first hour on the green rectangle is not exactly unforgettable, but then – like the companions – concludes the growing game, 6

Castrovilli – Always and in any case among the best in the field, even when Fiorentina is the faded one seen in the first half of Reggio Emilia. Then he puts the mask on, and leads his towards the comeback: first he disguises himself as a ram and enters Venuti's cross into the net, then from assist-man, for the very easy tap-in by Milenkovic. Castrovilli … What else? 7.5

Dalbert – Good recovery with potential winning assist for Boateng at minute three. The departure, in short, is good. To his misfortune tonight is a continuous physical ailment, but still manages to hold on to the end. Sufficient even from pure fullback, 6

Boateng – He wins the second round with Vlahovic, and after three minutes he could even find the goal of the advantage, but he is stopped by the post. From that moment he is seen as little, or better: he tries, but he is not as precise as he would like, nor assisted in the right way. It is not yet at the desired levels, 5.5

from 75 'VLAHOVIC – The young Serbian is hungry for engraving: he can be seen and heard. His entrance, if nothing else, gives his team the possibility of having a fixed reference on which to lean. Asserts his desire, 6.5

CHURCH – Forty-five very complicated minutes, the initial ones, for him. He struggles to create spaces, since of those eventually created by others to attack, there are none. It looks like a serataccia for him, and instead it turns out that a few minutes are enough to forget the rest, 6

RUSSIAN (MONTELLA) – Forced to change, he chooses to do it in the men but not in the form and proposes a team with a three-man defense. In front he decides to rely on the experience – and motivations given that he is an ex – of Boateng instead of the desire and freshness of Vlahovic. The first minutes of his team are remarkable, and only the pole separates KPB from immediately stamping with the goal. But then the purple rhythm falls, and some anomalies emerge: Venuti does not seem very sure in the role of central third on the left, as well as Sottil does not seem blameless from fifth wide on the right. In general, Fiorentina is struggling to produce quality actions, and the difficulties increase with each passing minute. In the second half, after a start along the lines of the first, finally the courageous move, with the change of form. And with the 4-3-3, and the interpreters placed at the right places, everything changes. The team emerges and, thanks to the ability to exploit the episodes, makes the game its own. With great effort, but also in view of the emergency, the task is still brought to a conclusion. And some initial errors also correct in the race in the race: it does not always happen, 6



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