Case of the "baby in the trunk": one of the mechanics of the terrassonnais tells the discovery


The so-called "baby in the trunk" affair starts in his garage in Terrasson (Dordogne). On October 25, 2013, Denis Latour and his colleague discover Séréna, a naked and dirty child, hidden for 23 months. What is worth to his mother, Rosa Maria Da Cruz, to appear since Monday, October 7 before the court of appeal of Limoges for minor violence resulting in permanent disability.

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After two nights where he slept badly, Denis Latour tells the story again. It was he who opened the trunk of the Peugeot 307 of the accused, who had made an appointment to check his warnings. "My colleague heard moaning, and he asked Ms. Da Cruz who said it was probably a children's toy."

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The noise starts again. The two men intervene and fall on Serena, next to his basket. Immediately, the salesman is seized by a very strong "ammonia" smell. He even made "a meter of hindsight". "The girl was in the bottom of the trunk, naked, on trash bags in sweat and she was looking for breath."

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And if he sympathizes with the terrible fate of the child, he also has a thought for Rosa Maria Da Cruz: "It is necessary that this mother is followed I think. Prison is good, but she must be sick anyway. "

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Denis Latour's colleague, who heard the moans, did not show up. After testifying at first instance in Tulle (Corrèze), he suffers today from a "post-traumatic stress typical".

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