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The Lazio Regional Administrative Court suspended the cancellation of the escort to Captain Ultimo, a year ago by the Ministry of the Interior, as a precautionary measure. To Giulio Golia the man who arrested the head of the mafia Totò Riina has just told on TV his career, the capture of Totò Riina and the bitterness to find himself without protection

The revocation of the escort for Captain Ultimo is blocked. The Lazio Regional Administrative Court suspended the provision with which the Ministry of the Interior that canceled the protection on 3 September 2018 as a precautionary measure for Colonel Sergio De Caprio. Last Tuesday we broadcast it on TV Giulio Golia's own interview with Ultimo, the man who captured boss boss Totò Riina, one of the most violent and bloodthirsty leaders of Cosa Nostra, as you can see in the report above.

From the time of his arrest Colonel De Caprio had lived under guard because the mafia wants revenge. The office of the Ministry of the Interior that takes care of the stocks at the end of 2018, however, takes away the protection because of "the lack of particular signs of concrete danger for the figure of the officer"And for" the period of time that has elapsed since the establishment of the connected tutory measure ". However, for Dia, the anti-mafia investigation department, Cosa nostra still maintains a strong danger. To continue to guarantee the Captain's escort was also started a petition on the platform. Just in the hours when it touches the 100 thousand signatures, the news arrived that everyone expected.

"We chose a battle name, because by radio nobody could recognize us. I chose Last because everyone wanted to be first, they wanted to show off ", says Colonel De Caprio to Giulio Golia. Ultimo still remembers how it was arrived to the capture of Totò Riina, thanks to a meticulous job and to the help of some repented of mafia. Riina in the eyes "he was afraid, afraid of the victim. He didn't understand who we were: something despicable ". What is the first thing the head of Cosa Nostra said? "Who are you? Who are you? I don't breathe, who are you? ".

The story of this glorious career ended with the bitterness of our days. "So it was a game?"Asks Captain Ultimo, who was still fighting to get his escort. "Do we have beautiful ceremonies when we remember General Dalla Chiesa, Falcone, Borsellino, and then officials say there is no more danger? This wave of denial must be fought ".

"I think about it every day that I could be killed," concluded Ultimo. "IS I am ready every day". We hope that now this danger remains far away and that the stock is not taken away again.

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