Capaci massacre, the repentant: "A former policeman has padded the highway with explosives"


Was there a policeman among the men who placed the explosive under the Capaci highway? It is supported by a repentant who had a double life: a penitentiary police officer during the day, and a mafia clan from Caltanissetta at night. A new puzzle piece is added to the many mysteries left in the background of the massacre by Giovanni Falcone. It is the record of a former mafioso who has been collaborating with justice since 2009. As he writes today Republic, the collaborator asked to return again before the magistrates investigating the massacres of Giovanni Falcone is Paolo Borsellino. His name is Pietro Riggio, 54, and is one of the repentant who also spoke about the former leader of Confindustria Antonello Montante, sentenced to 14 years for criminal association.

Riggio now speaks of a former policeman who they called the "Turkish". "He confided to me that he had participated in the execution phase of the Falcone massacre – he put on record in front of the Caltanissetta prosecutors – he would deal with filling of the highway drainage canal with explosives, operation performed using skateboard ". "But why has he never spoken before this ex-policeman?" Asked the deputy prosecutor of Caltanissetta Gabriele Paci and the deputy prosecutor of Florence Luca Turco, on 7 June last year. Riggio replied: "Up to now I have been afraid to put certain topics on record, I feared retaliation for me and my family. But now, the time is ripe for certain topics to be dealt with ". Also there National antimafia prosecutor's office spoke, during a top secret meeting, of the collaborator. The minutes were deported a few months ago to the process for the Capaci massacre.

In Caltanissetta, however, they are perplexed: the Nisseni prosecutors never believed in the hypothesis of a double construction site in the massacre of May 23, 1992 and the sentences issued to date include only men of Cosa Nostra among the executors of Attentatuni. But who was this cop? Riggio says he met him in the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Then in 2000, after his release: the former policeman would recruit the mafia to be part of an unidentified service structure that deals with the search for fugitives. Some investigators from the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate also contact Riggio: "I should have helped them to capture Provenzano, indicating the people who were in contact with him, in short, becoming a sort of infiltrator." It will be for this reason that Gabriele Chelazzi, the public prosecutor of the national anti-mafia prosecutor who investigated the mysteries of the Rome, Milan and Florence massacres, also decided to question Riggio: but the repentant future refused to answer.


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