Bouygues Telecom generalizes calls via Wi-Fi


On Monday, the operator of Martin Bouygues announced the generalization of calls and SMS via Wi-Fi with its mobile customers for the packages Sensation or B & YOU. In territories where one does not receive, or too weakly, its subscribers will be able to use this service to communicate. Provided, of course, to have a smartphone compatible with this technology.

Bouygues Telecom is in the wake of Orange and SFR, which began deploying this technology more than two years ago. Of the four major national operators, only Free does not yet offer this solution. The operator Xavier Niel will have to follow suit. In January 2018, the operators concluded an agreement with the State to cover the "white zones", where the mobile does not pass, or very badly. On this occasion, they are particularly committed to offering these services of voice and SMS via Wi-Fi.

This option is especially good news for people living in rural and rural villages where the mobile network is poor or non-existent. They can, for example, connect to Wi-Fi box to make their calls. This implies, however, having at least correct access to fixed Internet via ADSL. In large cities and densely populated areas, voice and SMS over Wi-Fi can be useful in buildings and buildings where the signal does not go well.

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