Blanquer: "Every day there are between 20 and 30 serious incidents" at school


After the tragic death of Kewi Yikilmaz, 15 years old, in Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis), which brings to three the number of high school students stabbed since the beginning of their school year and their surroundings, Jean-Michel Blanquer is making progress. The Minister of National Education announces in an interview with the Parisian – Today in France a greater transparency on the facts of violence in institutions. And promises to send inspectors Monday to Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), where a teacher received a punch on September 30.

Will the government put concrete measures to fight against the gang war in Lilas, in Seine-Saint-Denis, which killed two people in one year?

JEAN-MICHEL BLANQUER. It's dramatic. The reactions on the spot were at the height, starting with that of the teacher of EPS (Physical Education and Sports, Ed) who intervened with tremendous courage. The assassination was the subject of immediate arrests. I will receive the family of the victim. The Interior Ministry has announced that it is stepping up its actions against the gangs. I want to remind that this drama did not occur in a high school context, but urban confrontation.

But these clashes come crashing into the school. In Ile-de-France alone, since September, three students have been stabbed in front of their comrades. Does the school have no role to play?

We have a preventive role to play, that's obvious. But I do not pretend to solve overnight the violence that is in fact everyone's business. We will strengthen the police presence in areas that require it. There are 47 districts of Republican reconquest. The government has plans to establish others.

Lilac, for example?

Yes, it's totally imaginable.

In high school, the teachers exercised their right of withdrawal, the pupils are outside and do not have access to the crisis cells. What are you going to do to make the facility work again?

I understand the emotion of the teachers. I make sure that they are entitled to maximum protection, with a significant presence of the police. But we must not be mistaken in the use of the right of withdrawal. We need all adults to get back to normal in class.

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In Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), a teacher was punched by a student because he asked him to take off his cap. Has the state abandoned high schools?

Not a single high school should feel outside the Republic. I tell you, every time an establishment is in a situation like that of Sarcelles, I will send the general inspectorate and the inspectorates of the academy to take stock of all the stakes security, and the reasons why staff feel abandoned. The inspectors will be in Sarcelles next week.

What are the figures of violence since the beginning of the school year?

There are between 20 and 30 serious incidents every day, compared to 63,000 school sites in France. For two weeks there has been a succession of facts, not more numerous than usual, but of exceptional gravity. We applied the violence plan to deal with it. Justice was quickly seized.

For years, school violence has not been the subject of detailed statistics. Will you finally make public again the facts of violence, in each territory?

Yes. Governments need to be transparent about security issues. I decided to make a regular national point on this topic every quarter. And I tell you, we will publish the figures of school violence department by department. In addition, each college and high school will have an assessment of its school climate presented to its board of directors. The school climate will be one of the points of vigilance that will be taken into account in the evaluation of schools.

Teachers sometimes face uncontrollable children in primary school, how will you help them?

There are three categories of stakes behind this growing phenomenon: the medical, the social, the educational. We must move in these three directions, for example the development of 80 educational cities will allow to devote additional resources to the social factors of academic success.

What follow-up afterwards for violent students?

It is estimated that about 1,500 students a year exhibit very serious violence behavior in secondary school. I will ask academic directors to ensure that a child who shows signs of violence early will be followed with medical, social and educational responses.

Has the compulsory placement of violent students in relay devices, announced as part of the violence plan, been implemented since September?

He begins to put himself in place. In Sarcelles, it goes without saying that the pupils concerned will not return to this school. They are definitely excluded and will be subject to educational follow-up.

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