beat Dortmund 4-1 with Fonseca (x3) and Persyn. Half qualification in your pocket


Inter Primavera is full of points by closing the first round of Youth League with three wins in as many matches and puts half qualification in the pocket by virtue of +6 on the other opponents. After the shows with lo Slavia Prague and the Barcelona, the Nerazzurrini from Armando Madonna they also exaggerate against the Borussia Dortmund adjusting it with a net 4-1 bearing the indelible mark of Matias Fonseca, author of a splendid triplet that completes the comeback initiated by Tibo's precious 1-1 Persyn on the 23rd. At 8 ', in fact, the home team had gone under the score due to a play by Youssoufa Moukoko, the best prospect in the ranks of the Germans, then kept at bay by Schirò and his companions. Letale to close the practice in the beginning of recovery: Fonseca, within 3 ', marks the second and third personal goals, first mocking the leading competition in the small area and then pushing into the sack on tap-in the penalty kicked on the pole by Edoardo Vergani. Penalty wrong on one side but also on the other, with Giacomo Pozzer remedying his own mistake, hypnotizes Raschl rejecting the ambitions of reopening the Skibbe boys' contest.


94 '- There is no more time, the curtain falls on the Breda! Inter made three of its three in the Youth League: they also beat Borussia Dortmund, 4-1 at the end thanks to Fonseca's hat-trick and Persyn's seal. For the Germans, Moukoko's goal is useless.

93 '- Schiro! The Inter captain's free kick isn't much outside. Ball two meters from the pole, with Unbehaun in control.

91 '- Referee's card at the entrance of the newly entered Rauch, author of a rough speech against Gianelli.

90 '- Play temporarily stopped to help Gianelli rescue, aching after a contrast.

89 '- Ntube gets along in close combat with Pherai. Excellent performance of the Inter 14 number, practically without smudging.

87 '- Last change for Skibbe: the game of Moukoko ends, that of Rauch begins.

86 '- Four minutes to the end, then it will only be recovery. Inter firmly ahead 4-1 over Borussia Dortmund.

82 '- VEZZONI ALZA TROPPO LA MIRA! Gianelli refuses the shot and tries to put on the envelope for Bonfanti, rejects the German defense that favors the Argentine's high-range shooting.

80 '- Madonna sends in the field Bonfanti and Vezzoni for Fonseca and Persyn

79 '- PULL OUT THE LINDKVIST SHOOT! Gluttonous opportunity for the Swede, who rubs the ball trashing a great textbook action of Inter packaged by Fonseca and Colombini.

76 '- He managed the ball well for Inter, and in the end the action ran slowly on the right from where Persyn crossed between the goalkeeper's gloves.

74 '- Other fresh forces for the Germans: Kuffour and Wengerowski on the field for Semic and Gockan.

71 '- Double change for Madonna: Attys replaces Squizzato, Lindkvist replaces Vergani. Absolute debut for the Swede in Priamavera.

69 '- POZZER PARA THE RIGOR IN RASCHL, REMAINS ON 4-1! Nice flash of the Nerazzurri number one who baptizes the corner to his left hypnotizing the Bvb captain.

68 '- POZZER COMMETTE PENALTY ON PHERAI! THE DORTMUND GOES FROM THE DISKETTE. Opportunities for Germans to shorten and distance.

66 '- Semini dirty crosses: corner for Dortmund.

64 '- Raschl! The captain tries to shake his with a conclusion from the distance: a ball not far from the pole, with Pozzer who still seemed on the trajectory.

60 '- Double change for guests: Amedick and Khadra give way to Knauff and Hetemi.

59 '- CHANCE FOR INTER! An interesting cross from Persyn, Unbehaun comes out empty, barely touching. Enough to send Fonseca out of action.

57 '- Absolute debut in the Inter 19 for Sottini, who takes the place of Burgio: first change for Madonna.

55 '- Dismissed reaction from Dortmund, not very clear because it was still in shock after the terrible one-two cashed in 3 minutes.

54 '- Pherai! The number 10, all alone in the area, fails to frame the head mirror from a privileged position.

49 '- TRIS DI FONSECA, THE INTER CALA IL POKER! Vergani hits the pole from eleven meters, the son of art is the fastest to pounce on the ball and send it over the goal line.

48 '- PENALTY FOR INTER, VERGANI LANDED FROM THE GOALKEEPER! Possibility for the Nerazzurri to increase the gap by three goals. The attacker with the number 9 appears on the diskette.

46 '- TRIS OF THE INTER, DOUBLE STAFF OF FONSECA! Perfect corner of Squizzato in the first post, where Fonseca anticipates all by beating Unbehaun in the head.

17.01 – Broken down, off to the second half of Inter-Borussia Dortmund!

16.47 – Inter Primavera does not get upset even in the face of Moukoko's 8 'flash goal, the first to be collected by the Nerazzurri in the Youth League, resisting avoiding a doubling with Kinkoue and Pozzer and then rising with the passing of minutes until 23', however dragged by the plays of Squizzato. It is Armando Madonna's play that illuminates Persyn's run, then good at coming back on the weak foot and beating Unbehaun for 1-1. Eight rounds later, it is still the number 16 of the hosts to get into the chair by sending Fonseca into the goal, able to take advantage of Bohmer's empty intervention, skip the goalkeeper and deposit the goal of the underdog.

45 '- Double whistle by Danilo Grujic, the first half of Inter-Borussia Dortmund ends here! Nerazzurri ahead 2-1 at the break on Borussia Dortmund: after Moukoko's goal, the Nerazzurri reaction is signed by Persyn and Fonseca.

45 '- Ntube commits a free foul stopping Pherai launched towards the Nerazzurri penalty area: yellow for the center of Armando Madonna.

44 '- Possession of a clearly yellow-and-blue branded ball in the last seconds of the first portion. Skibbe's team, however, fails to break through.

42 '- Madonna loudly recalls Burgio, making him notice in a colorful way that he is out of position.

41 '- Moukoko derails at full speed before coming to a duel with Kinkoue. The 18th of the Germans stumbled by himself before losing his balance and ending up on the ground.

40 '- Pherai tries to fish in the Khadra area, which he climbs to hit with his head but barely touches to the side.

37 '- FONSECA CALCIA WITH TOO MUCH! Bohmer's ingenuity that in an attempt to head with his goalkeeper favors Fonseca's escape. Too far back to surprise Unbehaun, who collects the cross-shot.

36 ' – Inaccurate the cross of Burgio, protagonist of the usual buck on the left track.

34 '- NTUBE ENTER IT! Moukoko leaves Kinkoue in place, spreading panic in the Nerazzurri rearguard. No impulsion. Ntube who remains focused, follows the action and saves in a slide on Khadra's goal shot.

31 '- OVER THE INTEREST, THE SIGNATURE IS OF FONSECA! Played visionary of Squizzato, the second decisive of the match, which sends Fonseca into Bohmer's goal. The Nerazzurri striker is face to face with Unbehaun, he jumps it with a nice dribble and then he supports 2-1 on the net.

30 '- Unrealistic attempt of Amedick, who kicks without thinking from 25 meters not finding the big target.

27 '- Vergani looks for the turn near the small area! Nothing to do for the nerazzurro number nine, anticipated on the most beautiful by Ferjani.

24 '- Race again in balance at Breda, good Inter to take back opponents who had the chance to double the advantage.

23 '- DRAW OF PERSYN, THE INTER FA 1-1! Squizzato illuminates the solitary escape on the right of the Belgian, who enters the area, frees himself with a fake of the last defender and deposits to network with the right to turn.

22 '- The Nerazzurri wall rises in time: Raschl's and Moukoko's shot is rejected in series. The ball then ends up between Pozzer's gloves.

21 '- PERSYN OF HEAD! On Schirò's cross from the flag, the Belgian just pinches the ball making the host defense shudder. Shy signs of reaction from Inter.

20 '- The nice descent on the left wing of Burgio breaks against the yellow defense. That consoles itself with the corner.

18 '- Gianelli warned, irregularity against Moukoko. The nerazzurro number 17, first protagonist of a smooth on the scheme called by the flag by Schirò, stopped the German restart by spending a tactical foul.

17 ' – With stubbornness, Vergani wins a corner: first round from the flag for Inter.

15 '- POZZER IS THERE! Nice plot of the Germans who send Aydinel to the shot from the top of the penalty area: the Inter goalkeeper protects his pole well, extending the ball for a corner with a good flicker.

14 '- Ntube backs up for Pozzer, whose reference is so-so. Recover the ball in a dangerous position the Dortmund.

12 '- Persyn commits a foul on Raschl. Inter's stuttering start that, after removing the situation in the 2 ', has already been caught twice by Borussia Dortmund.

9 ' – KINKOUE SAVE THE INTER! The Dortmund enters in the area as it wants, Khadra earns the bottom and offers Moukoko at the second post. The intervention of the French prevents the talent of the Germans from doubling.

8 '- MOUKOKO BRINGS THE DORTMUND! The number 18 Dortmund is not wrong, infallible in the penalty area in your face with Pozzer.

8 '- Good initiative from Inter on the right: Persyn goes away with a tunnel, then Giannelli misses the cross rate.

6 '- Khadra! Colombini walls the attempted attempt by the number 7 host, favored by a previous misunderstanding between Kinkoue and Pozzer. The Frenchman was naive, the goalkeeper unfortunate who, in an attempt to avoid a cross, gave the Germans an important opportunity.

5 '- Persyn pinched offside on Squizzato's launch.

4 '- Vergani lets it slide for a mate, but Dortmund's defense frees.

2' – First chance for Inter! Schirò isolates himself on the left near the flag and puts in the middle an interesting cross that almost finds Fonseca. Surprised by the smooth of the defender of the Germans.

1 '- First ball of the race touched by Dortmund with Moukoko.

16.01 – Kick-off at Breda, Inter-Borussia Dortmund begins right now!

16.00 – Huddle of the Dortmund players to charge up, just missing the kick-off.

15.58 – Now the ritual greetings while the anthem of the Youth League plays, then toss the coin to establish the first possession of the ball of the match and the occupation of the two halves.

15.57 – Here are the 22 protagonists who appear on the pitch of the Breda stadium led by the refereeing trio.

15.55 – Finished in Prague: Barcelona crashes the Slavia and rises to three points in the standings, pairing the Czechs and Borussia. For Inter the opportunity to extend to +6 on three teams.

15.55 – Players still at the entrance to the tunnel leading to the playing field. In a few moments the kick-off of the match.

15.45 – When the bull is finished, the Nerazzurri dedicate themselves to a series of shots on goal. Then space for the shots before returning to the locker room.

15.40 – The direction of the match is entrusted to the Serbian Danilo Grujic, assisted by compatriots Miloš Karadžic and Nikola Milosavljevic as assistants. Lorenzo Illuzzi will be the fourth official.

15.27 – In the meantime, Inter has also taken to the field: after a session of transfers in pairs, the Nerazzurri are now busy with the classic warm-up exercises.

15.25 – Good news is coming from Prague for Inter Primavera: Barcelona are winning 3-0 against Slavia Prague, which would make today's eventual victory for Schirò and comrades a half insurance in a qualifying key.

15.20 – For some moments the training of Inter goalkeepers has begun. Now it's Borussia's turn, coming out of the locker room with holders and reservations to start the warm up.

15.00 – Classic 3-5-2 for Armando Madonna, who sees the defensive trident adapting Colombini third on the left instead of Vaghi, not perfect on Saturday's Ligurian trip. In the middle is still Squizzato to juggle the maneuver, with Gianelli and Schirò his faithful squires; on the right, the whole strip shows Persyn from the first, while on the track opposite space to Colombini. In attack, he sees Vergani paired with Fonseca.


INTER (3-5-2): 1 Pozzer; 2 Kinkoue, 14 Ntube, 3 Colombini; 7 Persyn, 17 Gianelli, 16 Squizzato, 4 Schirò, 15 Burgio; 9 Vergani, 11 Fonseca
Park bench: 12 Stankovic, 6 Sottini, 8 Attys, 10 Lindkvist, 13 Vaghi, 18 Vezzoni, 20 Bonfanti. Coach: Armando Madonna

BORUSSIA DORTMUND (4-4-2): 22 Unbehaun; 3 Semic, 5 Ferjani, 15 Bohmer, 17 Gockhan; 23 Aydinel, 16 Raschl (C), 6 Amedick, 7 Khadra; 18 Moukoko, 10 Pherai. Bench: 1 Schonnenbeck, 8 Hetemi, 13 Knauff, 19 Thaqi, 26 Rauch, 27 Kuffour, 28 Wengerowski. Coach: Michael Skibbe

Referee: Danilo Grujic
Assistants: Milos Karadzic and Nikola Milosavljevic

14.40 – On the head, there is the litmus test. Four days after the first seasonal knockout, complete with a mocking tail of a comeback completed by Genoa in full recovery, Inter Primavera of Armando Madonna must get up quickly so as not to dirty even the European roadmap that so far recites two victories in as many games played, seven goals scored and zero conceded. Numbers that make the Nerazzurri the absolute rulers of the group F of Youth League after 180 minutes, at +3 on the most direct pursuers: among these there is also the Borussia Dortmund, opponent of the day, stumbled against the Czechs by surprise after passing Barca at his debut.

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