'Baht' opens the market this morning, 'weak' at 30.48 baht per dollar.


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8 October 2019


Money market trading in a narrow frame From global stock fluctuations From the US trade negotiations with China may agree some. Keep an eye out for funds moving from Europe to Asia.

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Mr. Chitiphon Pruksa Methanan Money market capital market strategist Krung Thai BankThe Reveal that The baht opened this morning at 30.48 Baht per dollar Depreciated from the close of the business day before the level of 30.47 Baht per dollar

By last nightMoney market is trading in a narrow frame.As stocks around the world are still volatile.While investorsStill unable to interpret trade negotiations betweenUS and China That may have some agreements

The safe-haven asset turned back to the dollar in the short term.Because the US bond market has risen.Latest age yield10 Year back up to the level1.56% As for the price of goldAnd the yen has decreased0.8% And0.3%

In addition toEuropean sideBrexit That has no clear direction for negotiationsIt is another problem that makes the euro and pound weak. While the Turkish currency is down.2.6% as soon asPresident DonaldTrump threatens to destroy the economy if Turkey uses military force against the Kurdish rebels in Syria.

In bahtIn the short-term, there is still not much movement.Main supportAt the level of30.40 To30.45 Baht per dollarWhile exporters are waiting to sell the dollar at the level above30.50 Baht per dollarToday must keep an eye on the direction of capital movement that may escape frombankEM Europe arrives in AsiaWhich may result in the baht appreciationWhile the rest of the weekMust follow the direction of the falling gold, which will also cause the baht to depreciate as well.

Looking at the baht value framework today30.45 To30.55 Baht per dollar

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