Azimut closes at the top since 2016, at Piazza Affari, new historical highs for Poste


Octave starts at Piazza Affari for a beat. The Ftse Mib has risen by 0.70% to 22.478,19 points, bringing the annual maximum closer. On the one hand, it is backed by encouraging indications on the customs front, while on the other, Brexit could only see a small 'technical' postponement, as proposed by the German foreign minister, Heiko Maas. The market therefore for the moment discards the risk of a Brexit without agreement.

On the parterre of Piazza Affari, an overwhelming Azimut rally (+ 4.5%) took place, which reached its highest level in 2016, closing the fifth consecutive session on the rise. The savings group on November 7 will lift the veil on the third quarter accounts. Today Banca Akros reiterated the "accumulated" recommendation on the stock and revised up the target price from 18.5 to 19 euros. The investment bank's analysts say they are expecting strong numbers in the third quarter thanks to the new commission scheme introduced at the beginning of 2019. In detail, Banca Akros forecasts a net profit of approximately 67 million euros for Azimut, up from 39 million in the same period of 2018.

New historical highs touched in the intraday at 10.90 euros for Poste Italiane, which then closed at + 0.3%.

In the front row once again the banks with + 2.6% Bper. Unicredit is also very good (+ 2.1%). The latest rumors see the CEO Jean Pierre Mustier determined to create a German holding company to unite all foreign holdings. Last week the president of the CariVerona Foundation, Alessandro Mazzucco, expressed his hope that the new business plan will contain "an extraordinary maneuver that will give attention, visibility, attractiveness", without specifying whether it also referred to M&A hypotheses.

Moderate increase for Telecom Italia (+ 0.4%) with today's board of directors that will formalize the proposed co-option of Salvatore Rossi on the board of directors, a prelude to the subsequent appointment as president of the former general manager of Bankitalia.

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