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The brand of the lion hits a big blow with this new 208 which, if it does not reach the perfection, approaches it badly.

Above all, it inaugurates the electric revolution, not through a dedicated model but a 100% electric rechargeable electric motor alongside thermal versions. Except motor and batteries, the 208 and the e-208 are strictly identical in terms of style, levels of finish, equipment … (try to read this Sunday, October 13 on our site)

A very successful style

The new 208, longer, wider and lower, contrasts with its predecessor.

The team of Gilles Vidal has beautifully designed an aggressive vehicle that imposes with its vertical grille, its elongated bonnet and its taut lines. Not to mention the wing wideners on the GT and GTLine versions.

Borrowing the visual signature of the 508 at the front, the 208 resumes the rear face of the 3008/5008/508 with the three-clawed light signature surmounted by a black strip running across the width of the trunk.

3D dashboard information

Inside, this new 208 has "all of a big", to paraphrase a famous slogan of the brand.

It inaugurates the new i-cockpit with improved ergonomics. The Instrumentation Combo now displays on two levels of playback with the most important or emergency information displayed as a hologram. "The gain in responsiveness is of the order of half a second," says the brand.

It is in any case very pleasant driving for the driver who may be surprised by the functions dedicated to the piano keys of the central console which are lined with touch buttons for the most usual functions (navigation, radio, telephone ), accessible directly on the small steering wheel or by voice command.

Well endowed

What is still rare for a segment B vehicle, the new 208 is equipped with the latest driving aids systems (adaptive cruise control, assistance in keeping track, recognition of signs, park assist …).

Among the defects that can be noted, the habitability to the rear seats could put off those who intend to regularly install adults.

A diesel, three gasoline

On the road, the new 208 is a worthy heir to the Peugeot family with a high quality behavior. It swallows turns with the flexibility of the sedans of the brand, regardless of its engine.

New regulations require emission, Peugeot offers a single diesel engine, the BlueHDi 100 hp six-speed manual transmission. This is enough for a car that weighs 1126 kg and will also be marketed, this October, in three petrol engines.

The PureTech 75ch BVM 5 is available at the entry level. Follow the PureTech 100 hp 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. This last configuration is the most pleasant for those who will not want to ride on the 130 hp PureTech engine with the same 8-speed gearbox.

What price ?
As far as prices are concerned, prices start at € 15,500 (similar finish with 75 hp petrol engine) to € 26,300 (GTLine with 132 hp engine).

In diesel, it starts at 18 000 € to reach 24 000 €.

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