Auto stamp Goodbye for 10 years but the abolition has a crash


The car tax unpaid was forgiven for all those citizens who had a pending account with the State of less than € 1000. All those who have not paid in the decade 2000-2010 can enjoy tax amnesty, thanks to the new standard "strappacartelle”Issued a few days ago.

But the time to rejoice has been exhausted in a very short time, and the criticisms of this maneuver and of the hypothetical and future increases that could come as a result of the current situation have not been lacking. But let's go with order.

Auto stamp: users who have not paid for ten years are pardoned, but the news in the future is not exactly rosy

After a stalemate it seems that the situation is at a turning point thanks also to a series of well-targeted interventions that will come to an end as soon as the recent government crisis is finally concluded. Although users shout aloud the abolition of the famous tax on the ownership of the car, the regional autonomies are assuming new increases relating to the tax. If on the one hand we find partial exemption due to fiscal peace, on the one hand for the future new amounts are provided for motorists. The scenario that could emerge is that of a balanced budget.

The revenues derived from the payment of the aforementioned tax in the last five years have been of over 7 billion euros, according to the data emerged from a research ISTAT. Surely the Regions have no intention of giving up such a gain, contrary to what they would like to implement former deputy premier Di Maio. At the moment they are all rumors to be taken with due care but that could generate and create a real media disaster if local institutions decide to do not abolish the car tax and to increase the amount of the tax.

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