At Paris SG, Ronaldinho fell ill voluntarily to miss matches


SCAN SPORT – A former teammate of former Paris striker SG revealed how Ronaldinho managed to get sick to avoid having to play championship games.

Ronaldinho stayed only two seasons at the Paris SG between 2001 and 2003. During his Parisian adventure, the Brazilian was as distinguished on the field as outside when he multiplied the night outings. A lifestyle that was the source of many conflicts with Luis Fernandez, the coach of the time, who did not hesitate to place on the bench of substitutes the future Ballon d'Or.

In the Ronaldinho No Limit documentary broadcast Wednesday, RMC Sport returns to some escapades from the South American who spent more time in restaurants or nightclubs than Camp des Loges. "He did not train too much," admits his former teammate Paulo Cesar, who reveals an astonishing anecdote that allowed "Ronnie" to skip a game he did not want to play.

At the time, Ronaldinho shared his room with Paulo César who, knee injury before a game away, had to return to Paris with the approval of the medical profession. The future Barcelona decided not to take part in the meeting the next day. The defender tells the scene: "He said to me:" Tomorrow, I'm leaving with you ". I say, "But you're crazy, where are you going to go tomorrow?" He says, "No, no, no, I do not want to play, I'm leaving with you."

"We're falling asleep and he puts the air conditioning on his face."

Paul César then explains how his teammate managed to get sick during the night. "We're falling asleep and he puts the air conditioning on his face. I wake up at six in the morning, because I had the train, and he calls the doctor to tell him to come because he is not well. The doctor gives him a medicine and tells him that he is returning to Paris because he can not stay here. "Indeed, a few hours later, the two compatriots traveled together to reach the capital where Ronaldinho was expected by a driver in a vehicle where there were several girls. Ronaldinho's weekend, sick, was just beginning.

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