ASUTIC challenges the government on the need to open the market to a 4th telecom operator


(Agence Ecofin) – The Senegalese Association of Information and Communication Technology Users (ASUTIC) supports the entry of a fourth operator in the national telecom market. In an interview with the newspaper on October 10, 2019 South DailyNdiaga Guèye (photo), the president of the association, said that a new player would come to boost competition in a market where it lacks due to an oligopoly.

"In an oligopoly, operators have no interest in competing with each other. Because in general, these are markets where demand is very strong. There are few offers, so true that the players are assured of substantial income. So, they do not compete.

For 15 years, if you check the rates that are on the website of the ARTP, the three operators have the same rates. They are called tariffs aligned, decried the president of the ASUTIC who added that "Where there is a semblance of competition, it is at the level of promotions. However, promotions are intended to make the visibility of the telecoms market more complex. It's impossible to compare two offers to see which one is better. "

In addition, Ndiaga Guèye proposed to the government three other solutions to boost competition. "First, the ARTP must continue to make the asymmetrical decline in interconnection rates (…) The second measure is to prohibit offers that enclose the customer in the same networks. Because such offers are to the advantage of the dominant operator, which has the most important customer base. This prevents the fluidity of the market. The third measure is to promote the service of portability that has been in place since 2015. Few Senegalese know that this service exists ", concluded the boss of ASUTIC.

For him, although the idea of ​​introducing virtual mobile network operators (MVNO) into the market seemed to be the right one to diversify offers and costs, "These virtual operators will have no impact on the telecom market in terms of network accessibility and quality, and rates. Because these virtual operators simply depend on traditional operators. These MVNOs will buy wholesale from conventional operators to resell in detail. So, we can not be the competitor of its supplier in the same market "said Ndiaga Guèye.

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