arrow to Zaniolo, what did he mean to Esposito? Two ideas


Il Corriere della Sera tries to interpret the words of the former Giallorossi coach who spoke of the former Inter with the Inter

Sebastiano Esposito had just debuted in Champions. He got very excited about Skysport's microphones, he was sweating cold. Cambiasso he had just scolded him for his rigor, in other words before he was marked. It is not done, he told him. And he responded by agreeing to the former Nerazzurri midfielder. Then Capello's phrase: "Don't do like Zaniolo". Seba perhaps doesn't even hear that phrase, but says ‘no absolutely’.

The words of the former Giallorossi coach, however, did not please those around Zaniolo. And in speaking of the Roma player, the day after the goal in El against Borussia, the Corriere della Sera writes: "Are you a little disciplined player and maybe even a little mounted, as some think? Or an even "heavier" advice to the very young Interist: don't do like Zaniolo, don't go to Rome? Whatever the idea of ​​the coach who won (almost) everything, the reaction of the Roman square was very strong ”.

(Source: Corriere della Sera)

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