Archives accept! The face is not exactly the cover of the photo. The rainbow is too amazing. "Tasting, shopping, using" suggests solutions.


The archives accept a system to scan the image on the face and ID card. There is still a problem. Ordering Krung Thai to speed up solving in 1-2 days. Recommend new mobile phones to take beautiful pictures. Use photo editing apps Causing the image capture system to fail

October 2, Mr Lavan Saengsanit, director of the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO), revealed that coordinating with Krung Thai Bank. To improve the identity verification system It is expected that it will take 1-2 days, making selfie photography more convenient after the problem Rights holder cannot take photo many times Which the evaluation The problem is not from the image. But is about the brightness of the photos Well, go and look carefully. Control the brightness of the image, not let the system scan the image too poor

"New phones That the photos came out so beautiful Or use the application to make the African face image Does not match the ID card Resulting in a large number of failed photo shoots Ordered to go to improve the system within 1-2 days "

Mr Lavon said that confirms that the shopping tasting measures do not support large-scale operators. From the first 5 days of spending at 628 million baht, spending through large department stores is only 142 million baht or 22%, while the registered shopping tasting for the first 7 days is 5.5 million. Send SM SMS has confirmed the rights to 4.7 million people, the remaining SMS sent to 8 hundred thousand, of which 4.7 million have 2.7 million people who have loaded the application. Another 8.2 million have not done anything. And another 1.1 million people are in the process of scanning Through the front right

It is expected that there will be approximately 60 billion baht spent in the Shoppes Project into the economy, which is subsidized by the government by 1.9 billion baht, while the rest will be spent by people in pocket 2 to request 15% cash back. Expected to stimulate the economy this year to expand by no less than 0.2-0.3% from the target of 3%, this project is a long-term project, ending 30 Nov. Spending during the first 5 days at 300 million baht, so do not use too little But is a gradual use

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