Andrew Scheer "needs the Quebec nation"


(Quebec) Conservative leader Andrew Scheer took advantage of a visit to Quebec City on Tuesday to appeal to the Quebec nation to help him beat Justin Trudeau.

Gabriel Beland
Gabriel Beland
The Press

Surrounded by his candidates from the Capitale-Nationale region, Mr. Scheer also fired on the Bloc Quebecois, waving the specter of a referendum on sovereignty.

"I need the Quebec nation to replace Justin Trudeau," said Andrew Scheer during a press briefing in the Old Port of Quebec.

"Quebeckers can send to Ottawa a Conservative government that understands the reality of Quebec and will practice collaborative federalism," he says.

The Conservatives' call for help from the Conservative leader is not trivial. According to a recent Mainstreet poll, the Conservatives are third in Quebec in the voting intentions, behind the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberal Party.

"The next day after the election, the Bloc will work with the Parti Quebecois against Mr. Legault. His priority is a new referendum, "said Andrew Scheer.

Tramway and third link

The Conservatives held five of the seven constituencies in the Capitale-Nationale at the start of the election campaign. Very confident at first, they did not hide their ambition for Quebec. MP Gerard Deltell even told La Presse want to "pass the guitar" in the region.

Tuesday, Andrew Scheer was reassuring: even if a Conservative government intends to cut infrastructure, it will still fund the projects of tram and third link.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Liberal Party sent out a statement suggesting that the streetcar project was not part of the Conservative fiscal framework. The Trudeau government made a commitment to pay $ 1.2 of the $ 3.3 billion the project cost.

"Andrew Scheer waited a long weekend to unveil his platform because he wanted to avoid drawing attention to his cuts of 53 billion dollars, including 18 billion in infrastructure," accuses Jean-Yves Duclos, Liberal candidate in Quebec.

Scheer accused the Liberals of lying, and confirmed he would honor the Liberals' commitment to the streetcar.

The Conservative leader also assures that his party is the only one truly in favor of the third link project. However, he refused to say exactly how much money his government would be willing to inject into a tunnel between Quebec City and Levis.

According to him, this project, much criticized by environmentalists, is necessary because "the people of Quebec want it".

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