Anas, new safer traffic barriers: they pass the tests


Anas engineers designed the new central traffic barrier in concrete and the crash test gave a positive result. The same was carried out in the province of Milan, in Bollate, at the CSI, Center for Certification and Behavioral Analysis of the IMQ Group.

The test involved in launch of a vehicle weighing 38 tons at 65 km / h of speed and a light vehicle instead of 900 kg at a speed of 100 km / h. The test was passed and it was therefore worth obtaining the CE marking. The new barrier has been named National Dynamic Barrier Anas, NBDA, and the big news is the W2, that is the operating width, that is the maximum displacement that the barrier undergoes in case of impact, obtained with the crash tests just carried out.

The tests that have been carried out have allowed us to take note, and note, of the damages that have been reported by the barrier and the heavy vehicle. Anas later decided to carry out another unique test, never realized before, relaunching another vehicle weighing 38 tons on the already damaged vehicle. The new Anas barriers have also successfully passed this second test, unique of its kind, and have therefore been declared capable of resisting two simultaneous or immediately subsequent incidental events.

It is a hypothesis that is always possible, although it is characterized by a low degree of probability. The Chief Executive Officer of Anas Massimo Simonini said: "The study and development of this barrier stems from Anas's need to continue the research and development process to complete the range of barriers making them increasingly efficient and responsive to the needs of our road and motorway network. The goal is raise user security levels, also reducing installation costs and infrastructure maintenance. The positive outcome of the crash test certifies that it is an innovative, unique product that will make it possible to overcome the pre-existing technologies, with a strong commercial value on national and international markets ".

This is therefore what has been prepared by Anas, the new safety barriers have passed the crash tests and therefore increase the degree of protection on the roads.

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