Amazon Cloud Cam: records are listened to by Amazon employees


According to a Bloomberg survey, some recordings captured with the Amazon Cloud Cam surveillance camera would be retrieved by Amazon employees to train artificial intelligence algorithms.

Launched more than 2 years ago, the surveillance camera Amazon Cloud Cam presents itself as an optimal security solution "to watch his house day and night ". But now, according to a Bloomberg survey, it seems that a dozen employees located in India and Romania review a lot of footage recorded by the Cloud Cam to evolve the artificial intelligence device. These video clips are likely used to allow Amazon's algorithms to better distinguish a real threat from a false alarm. The five stories told Bloomberg that they can listen to up to 150 video clips lasting 20 to 30 seconds.

Asked by the American media, Amazon confirms that all videos viewed by its staff come from "testers" who submit clips to report problems (unnecessary notification, quality of video, etc.). "We take privacy seriously and give Cloud Cam customers control of their video clips", reports the spokeswoman for Amazon, and add "that unless the footage is submitted for troubleshooting purposes, only customers can view their clipsBut as the media reports, despite Amazon's insistence that all clips be provided voluntarily, some footage was viewed while the owners would undoubtedly have avoided sharing them (such as sex after two employees.) Inappropriate content footage is flagged and deleted, so it is not used to drive the algorithms, people said. "Amazon spokesperson said such clips are being discarded to improve the reviewers' experience, but she did not explain why inappropriate activity would appear in video footage voluntarily submitted.

In any case, Amazon does not mention anywhere in the conditions of use of Cloud Cam that the algorithms are enriched by watching and listening to people.

A very secure viewing site

The testimonials return to the very strict security imposed by Amazon. In India, dozens of examiners work in a confined space, where employees are not allowed to use their cell phones, "but that did not stop other employees from transmitting images to non-members of the team"says an employee.

Amazon's surveillance camera is no longer commercially available today. On the other hand, Ring's cameras, which is an Amazon company, abound on the web. If, to date, no scandal has broken out for the old start-up, we hope for a better confidentiality of the recordings. For Amazon, on the other hand, it's a whole other set of games. The firm of Jeff Bezos has already paid the price of many controversies. Last April, we learned that Amazon employs thousands of people to listen to voice recordings retrieved by Alexa. This information was already the fruit of a Bloomberg survey.

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