Alla Mahle insistent rumors of the closure of the plants, there are fears for the future of 450 workers of Saluzzo and La Loggia –


Alla Mahle di Saluzzo and La Loggia have to deal with reality. The fact that the plants have been closed is becoming insistent in these hours, but it will be necessary for the parties to meet to clarify what the real will of the company is. The situation is hot, but proceed with caution.

"The strong concern is that tomorrow the company will tell us this rumor that we had already foreseen for years" – explains Davide Mollo general secretary of Fiom Cuneo – "The closure of both plants, or a possible downsizing is a clear industrial policy of the company. We oppose this vision."

Tomorrow at 10.30 a meeting is scheduled at Amma in Turin, the Confindustria section that follows mechanical and mechatronic companies. Here a garrison will be held with the workers. The German top management of the company will also be present at the table besides the social partners. Also for tomorrow, 8 hours of strike were announced on the three shifts.

The German giant specializing in the production of automotive components has about 450 employees between Saluzzo and La Loggia. In the Saluzzo area, the company is linked to the historic Mondial Piston which has given work to many families for decades and has its core business in the production of pistons.

In the past the unions had encouraged the company to diversify investments on these two plants: the "diesel type" piston is a product that for years has had less and less market compared to "petrol", "diesel truck" (for heavy vehicles) or "electric" (market in exponential growth).

In the 2018 meetings Mahle had guaranteed that he would continue to operate in Italy. The Region had been attentive to the question and a question had been presented to the then Minister for Economic Development Luigi Di Maio by the senators Bergesio, Casolati, Ferrero, Montani and Pianasso.

A not rosy situation that in the last days has come to the ears of the workers who in these days have been called to the assembly. Official voices are expected on the will to close. The hope of the unions is that, instead, a conversion to a type of piston at a better market is evaluated and in the meantime proceed with the social safety nets.

Details of the company's will will be provided at the end of tomorrow's meeting at AMMA. And if the negotiation phase between the parties and the institutional tables to be activated will be opened.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the FIM CISL Piedmont Claudio Chiarle has issued a note on the crisis situations in the Piedmontese automotive industry to be presented to Prime Minister Visiting Turin today. Among the risk situations also highlights the 450 workers of the Mahle of La Loggia and Saluzzo.

"Considering a 1 to 3 ratio on the induced we have around 20/25 thousand jobs at risk" – Chiarle writes – "The impact above all on the automotive sector is strong, and is also given by the slowdown in the French and German economies, for which automotive exports slow down."

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