Air Canada: Sandra Oh Explains "Traveling Like a Canadian" (video)


For his last campaign « Traveling like a Canadian ", the airline company Air Canada chose the Canadian star television series Gray's Anatomy and Killing Eve to show the rest of the world how Canadians are doing it.

They are " friendly, polite, funny, and know how to ask for forgiveness in any language »: This description« fits like a glove To Canadian travelers, considered among the most popular tourists in the world according to the national company. If we are not all Canadians, we can all travel as such. With his latest campaign Traveling like a Canadian Air Canada tells the rest of the world how Canadians are doing. Designed to find an echo in international markets, the new creative campaign from the airline favorite of North America takes a fun look at how Canadians travel and interact with other cultures abroad, while highlighting some unique values ​​of the country to the maple leaf ".

Traveling as a Canadian can also count on several celebrities to spread the message embodied by the campaign. The first of them is none other than the award-winning actress Sandra Oh, one of Hollywood's best-known stars, who " for many people, reflects the best national values ". Featuring the sparkling actress, the campaign's launch video is a tribute to these values ​​and, at the heart of the staged presentation, a celebration of love for Canada.

" We are pleased to have created a platform for Canadians like Sandra Oh to share with the world the values ​​that make our country great. Said Andy Shibata, Managing Director – Brands, at Air Canada. " The Traveling Like a Canadian Campaign is an opportunity to showcase our country's values, such as multiculturalism, openness, compassion and equality, which position us among the world's most valued travelers. ".

At the international level, this campaign is part of a broader strategy, says the company's Star Alliance. It aims to position Air Canada " as a preferred carrier compared to national airlines ". The recruitment of new travelers is also one of the main issues since the company, in full growth, now serves nearly 220 airports in six continents. The brand also wishes to highlight "the benefits inherent in the sixth freedom of the air – the right for an airline of a state to transport passengers between two other states via an airport of the state from which it originates" facilitated by its vast network. International customers are therefore encouraged to use the hubs of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver for their trips abroad. "

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