Afriquia .. "1000 Fikra" and "50 Sprints" Two initiatives to develop entrepreneurship


Launched by Afriquia, "1000 Fikra" is a program of development, training, support and financing, which aims to convert 1000 ideas into 1000 companies. With a first pilot phase, which saw the emergence of 30 very promising projects, this program begins a new stage and changes dimension. "1000 Fikra" is free, open to any Moroccan carrying a viable entrepreneurship idea, without condition of diploma or experience. "1000 Fikra" will be delivered in the 12 regions of the Kingdom according to a pre-established calendar.

Afriquia is also launching "50 Sprints", an acceleration program for Moroccan startups carrying innovative projects with strong growth potential at the national and international levels and which are in a growth phase.

"1000 Fikra", an original, inclusive and national program

As a socially responsible company, Afriquia wanted to set up, as part of its CSR policy, a program for young people with ideas and projects: the "1000 Fikra" program. Afriquia has also created a foundation called "Maak" which will manage and monitor the program. In addition, Afriquia and "Maak" have teamed up with three partners specializing in the field of entrepreneurship and incubation: PopUp Business School, a new generation English institution, internationally renowned for its innovative and powerful method of encouraging entrepreneurship. business creation; and two Moroccan incubators, among the most famous in the country, Bidaya and MCISE.

"1000 Fikra" will combine the international expertise of PopUp Business School for the training, field expertise and incubation of Bidaya and MCISE, in addition to the involvement of Afriquia 60 years of existence and his presence on the whole Kingdom. This program stands out for its national and inclusive dimension. It is aimed at all Moroccans, regardless of their region of implantation, their social or academic level. "1000 Fikra" aims to encourage and support project leaders in the realization of their ideas.

"1000 Fikra" gives access to:

  • A boot camp of nearly two weeks: For nearly 2 weeks, "1000 Fikra" trains the bearers of ideas to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through an original method inspired by the method PopUp Business School that has been proven internationally and which has been adapted to the Moroccan context.

Through the different workshops, the idea holders will learn to: • Build self-confidence; • Acquire the mindset of an entrepreneur; • Start their activity quickly; • … and transform their idea into revenue generating activities.

  • The 4-month incubation After the boot camp, young entrepreneurs are supervised by Bidaya or MCISE depending on their region of implantation for four months. They will benefit from individualized monitoring, targeted group and individual workshops and mentoring sessions. They will also have access to a network of experts and a community of entrepreneurs.
  • Provision of workspaces Throughout their four-month incubation period, the Oasis Cafes of the Afriquia service stations will be at the disposal of project promoters. Entrepreneurs will be able to benefit, free of time, from this friendly space to work or meet business partners with unlimited access to Wifi and free consumptions.

Financing Young entrepreneurs will benefit, at the end of their incubation, from financing in the form of grants and loans of honor up to 200,000 dirhams. October 2019: 30 companies launched

A first session of this program was launched on July 1st in Casablanca. 40 participants in 30 projects attended a Boot Camp supervised by PopUp Business School, a first in Morocco, and in Africa. This workshop saw the emergence of very promising projects operating in various sectors of activity. These 40 carriers of ideas were followed, encouraged, trained and advised for 4 months, by the experts of Bidaya and MCISE who also put their networks at the service of young project holders: And the results are there. 30 are emerging. These new companies are initiating sustainable job opportunities and many of these projects are expected to have a strong social or environmental impact.

"Today we are launching the" 1000 Fikra "program on a national level. In order to reach a maximum of young people or less young throughout the Kingdom, all regions, "said Afriquia General Manager Said El Baghdadi. "A film will also be broadcast on social networks, recalling that everyone can turn his dreams into reality, and his ideas into small or large business," he adds.

Some practical information

Who can submit a project?

All Moroccans, young and old, without any degree or experience requirement can register and submit their project ideas. All you have to do is register on the website A contact center is also set up to answer the candidates' questions.

How will the projects be selected?

Submitted ideas will all be reviewed by a panel of experts and evaluated according to two key criteria: • Is the idea clear and realistic? • Is the project leader (s) motivated and engaged?

The bearers of ideas who have passed this first filter will be called for an interview in their respective regions.

Those who have convinced the jury during the interviews will be invited to join the "1000 FIKRA" program.

Others will be approached with constructive feedback and an invitation to resubmit their idea at a future session.

Finally, and concerning the "50 Sprints" program, it should be noted that Afriquia, and to support Moroccan startups in the deployment of their activities, is partnering with the incubator HEC PARIS. Thus, the selected startups will benefit from a 3-month incubation at the prestigious StationF, the largest startup campus in the world, where they will have access to coaching, mentoring and networking. with professionals from their sectors of activity. They will also have access to funding and will be accompanied for their fundraising. The call for projects for this second 50 Sprints Program will be open in the coming weeks.

About Afriquia

Leader of the fuel distribution in Morocco, Afriquia celebrates this year 60 years of its creation. The company now has more than 530 service stations across the Kingdom. Aware of the aspirations of Moroccan society, Afriquia, a committed and responsible company, carries out various sponsorship and sponsorship actions, thus contributing to the protection of the environment and the social, sporting and cultural development of the different regions of the Kingdom.

About MAAK

Founded in 2019, the "Maak" Foundation aims to help support, develop and monitor entrepreneurial projects initiated by individuals and / or companies if they have a certain economic and / or social interest. more generally to support initiatives to promote and develop entrepreneurship in Morocco. About PopUp Business School

This new generation English institution is internationally renowned for its innovative and highly stimulating practical training designed to encourage participants to start their own business. Courses are also available online on their site. In 2018, the experts at PopUp Business School helped 2,260 people around the world and worked to create 680 companies. About Bidaya

Established in Casablanca since 2015, Bidaya has supported, since its launch, several startups with a strong social or environmental impact, through its Bidaya Incub program. Aimed at entrepreneurs in the seed phase, this incubator addresses all the necessary steps to launch a startup: from ideation to the definition of the business model, through prototyping and testing. About MCISE

Founded in 2012, the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs with ideas of systemic change in Moroccan society. Over the years, MCISE has developed its expertise in awareness and advocacy, education and training, incubation and coworking as well as research and counseling.


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