A tough first concert in Ottawa for Celine Dion


Just a few days ago, we were talking about the dazzling success of Celine Dion in European lands. His French, Irish and English fans snatch tickets from his tour Courage World Tour, sold out all over Europe. Imagine our astonishment when we realized that the long-awaited show overseas did not create the same craze closer to the diva in Ottawa. Just hours before the first of two Celine Dion concerts in the Canadian capital, hundreds of tickets were still available at ridiculous prices on the Stubhub resale site. If the seats on the ground and in the best rows were long reserved, many seats in the high sections of the Canadian Tire Center remained unsold. Resellers would therefore have been forced to sell these tickets, originally posted at a price of $ 61.60, at a significantly reduced price of $ 18.50, according to the Montreal Newspaper.

The six Montreal performances of the tour would be the explanation behind this lack of interest in Ottawa concerts. Many Ontario fans would have opted to drive two and a half hours to attend the first concerts of the tour rather than wait for the diva to come to them. Ironically, those who planned to move to Montreal in September to take advantage of the first concerts will now have to wait until performances on November 18, 19, 21 and 22 and February 18 and 19. Struck by a voracious virus, Celine Dion was forced to postpone her six concerts in Montreal.

Moreover, it seems that the singer is not fully recovered, three weeks after the beginning of his convalescence. After a breathtaking show opening last night, many fans saw Celine's tiredness pushing her to take a long break and even miss some notes, again according to the Montreal Newspaper. Finally, it was the diva herself who confided in the crowd: " You have probably noticed: I am currently struggling. In my career, I have never thought of "Will I continue or not?" I felt strong this afternoon. Now, I'm not so sure … "

To the relief of all, the singer drew her energy from that of the crowd and brilliantly finished the show. Now, hopefully she will have done better in time for tonight's performance!

Source: Journal of Montreal / Journal de Montreal

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