a thousand employees slammed the door in 2018


It is not only users who seem unhappy with the SNCF. So, 1,025 employees of the railway company left in 2018, according to the social report consulted by the Parisian. From railwayman's memory, it's unheard of: + 34% over one year. In fact, only 763 resignations were registered in 2017.

The railway giant, which still had 143,328 employees last December, sees a tendency to assert itself in its ranks. "The company is no longer dreaming," according to a trade unionist questioned by the Parisian, which tells a revealing scene:

"I accompanied a colleague who absolutely wanted to leave this year when he was fourteen years old and that after fifteen years, a railway worker has the right to have the facilities of circulation for life". "In thirty years, I do notI've never seen that, " was he surprised.

Historically rare resignations

In fact, conventional breaks have more than doubled in two years (283 in 2018 against 135 in 2016). The reasons given by the resigners: "loss of meaning", "management pressure", "wages that do not increase as fast", explains the unionist.

Departures that qualify Benjamin Raigneau, the director of human resources of the company. "This figure remains in the middle of the big companies, it's certainly up, but it's also because the number of resignations at SNCF has always been very low. ". The fact remains that the unions are worried about the situation, in a context of reform of the status of railway workers as of January 1st.

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