A player sidelined from his club for supporting the Turkish army


Cenk Sahin posted his support on social networks.

TheSankt Pauli's German club announced on Monday the sidelining of Turkish midfielder Cenk Sahin. The latter, 25, has shown his support for the Turkish offensive in Syria in an Instagram post.

"We are on the side of our heroic soldiers and the army. We pray for you, "Sahin wrote in a post. His employer, Sankt Pauli, German D2 club, did not appreciate.

"After a discussion with the player, we decided that he will no longer play for the team and will no longer take part in the training," said St. Paulin. "The player's attitude does not match our values. We wholeheartedly reject any bellicose action and our players should do the same. "

Sahin is not fired. With a purchase price of 1.3 million euros, he is the club's second most expensive player. He can seek a new club and train, even if a transfer will be possible from January 1st.

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