"A need to invest in worker mobility"


Movesion was created almost 2 years ago now, what can you tell us about your activities in recent months?

In recent months we have met a lot of companies who wanted to know more about our mobility management business. Accompanying companies to improve the mobility of their employees remains an unknown activity and we take the time to raise awareness among our interlocutors about the return on investment related to our approach.

Mobility is a new but very popular subject in Luxembourg. What are the biggest challenges you face in your development?

Mobility in Luxembourg is a sensitive subject. Dermographic trends (more residents) and economic trends (more cross-border) for the 2060 horizon clearly announce a chaos on the road network if nothing changes between now and then. Informing employers about the need to invest in worker mobility is crucial. The days when companies considered that the commute to work was not their responsibility is over.

What are Movesion's goals for 2020?

We are currently focusing on our business activity. Attracting new customers, building loyalty and caring for employers already working with Movesion Luxembourg is our priority. Multiplying contacts with companies in the Greater Region and obtaining several large-scale missions outside Luxembourg is also an important objective.

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