a "memorial" for singer Sulli at Tete d'Or Park


Victim of cyberbullying, South Korean singer Sulli was found dead at home on Monday. In Lyon, fans want to pay tribute to him with a "memorial" at the Parc de la Tete d'Or.

Lyon is one of the strongholds of K-Pop, the Korean pop, in France. To be convinced of this, it is sufficient to observe how quickly the movie theaters of the city fill up when a concert is screened.

On Monday, Korean singer Sulli was found dead at home. Lyonnais fans wish to pay tribute to him through an ephemeral memorial. According to a message posted on Twitter, they are invited to drop flowers, messages, letters … at the Rose Garden Park Tete d'Or from October 16 to 20 "to say one last time goodbye and to support himSome of these elements will then be picked up by the fans behind this initiative to be sent to South Korea, where another memorial has been installed.

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