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The crowd's ovation to Jonathan Drouin on Saturday night is a momentous and touching moment.

This is clear evidence that fans want to see Drouin succeed.

They want to see a guy from home experience success with the Montreal Canadiens.

They want to applaud him.

They want to chant his name.

They want Drouin to be one of the best.

They want to live with him intoxicating moments.

They have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Too long maybe.

Saturday night, it's as if the many applause and cheers were a way of saying to Drouin: "We love you. We are behind you. "

This dose of love at Drouin's place made me think a lot aboutovation that Carey Price had received when he broke Jacques Plante's record for victories in the Habs uniform.

Price had then recognized that he needed this wave of love since the amateurs had not always been tender to him.

I am convinced that Drouin also needed to experience this kind of sensations. It's a kind of reconciliation.

The last few months have certainly been very difficult for No. 92 Canadians. Some days, Drouin probably felt like the whole world was against him.

The ovation after the game against the Blues was a balm for him.

Now, give him some time. After five games, Drouin seemed to regain his confidence, conviction and creativity. All the better.

However, there is still some way to go. Let's not raise him immediately to the rank of national hero. Let's wait.

And the opposite is also true. Let's be tolerant if he knows a slight slowdown in the next games.

One thing is certain, damn it's nice to see him play like that.

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