7.3 million Japanese evacuated due to typhoon Hagibis


The center of the typhoon was just before 7 pm local time, more than a hundred kilometers southwest of Tokyo. He reached the Japanese capital around 9 pm, accompanied by wind gusts of up to 200 km / h, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency JMA.

Even before the center of the typhoon reached the coast, his fringes had killed one in the Chiba area (eastern suburbs of Tokyo), a man found in an overturned van.

At least two landslides were confirmed, including one in the Gunma area (north of Tokyo) that caused another casualty, a man in his sixties.

Several people were also missing, including three in a car driven by the current after the collapse of a bridge she was crossing in the Nagano region.

Some 7.3 million Japanese had received evacuation instructions on Saturday after record rains led to the triggering of the maximum rainfall alert in several regions, a level reserved for possible disasters.

Tens of thousands of people had followed these recommendations, which were not mandatory. They were accommodated in shelters (gymnasiums, multi-purpose halls) with emergency food, water and blankets.

The spectators of the Japan Formula 1 Grand Prix on the Suzuka circuit gather in makeshift accommodation.

Authorities have issued evacuation instructions (not mandatory) to some 3.25 million people, reports the NHK public television channel.

Photo: Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji

I left because the roof of my house was washed away and the rain was falling inside. I am very worried about my house, told 93-year-old NHK refugee in a shelter in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, which was hit hard by a previous typhoon last month.

As if fate wanted to bait on Chiba, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake broke off this prefecture at 6:22 pm local time. No tsunami warnings were triggered.

I am 77 years old and I have never experienced that. On the floor of the house, we hear an infernal din, rain and wind. One end of the roof is gone. For an hour, the house trembled because of wind and rainsaid Hidetsugu Nishimura, a resident holed up at his home in Yohohoma (west of Tokyo).

In addition to landslides, the JMA cautioned against high waves and floods, the risk of which was increased by the approach of the full moon, which amplifies the tides.

Scott Moe safe in Tokyo

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, accompanied by a trade delegation, is in Tokyo. Canadians would be safe and stay in touch with the Canadian embassy in case the storm gets worse.

50 cm of rain

The weather agency has forecast 50 cm of rain over the city of Tokyo in 24 hours until Sunday noon and more in the center of the country.

In Kanagawa prefecture (west of Tokyo), the authorities partially released water from a dam that was threatening to overflow.

Two men fell on Saturday afternoon in a flood canal in Gotemba, west of Tokyo. One of them was rescued, but the firemen were still looking for the second.

Men look at a river in flood.

The Isuzu River in flood due to heavy rains caused by Typhoon Hagibis in Ise

Photo: Reuters / KYODO Kyodo

More than 180,000 homes in affected areas were without electricity in the evening.

Factories were closed, as were many supermarkets and supermarkets in Tokyo, after being assaulted by residents on Friday.

The storm has already disrupted the organization of two sports competitions held in Japan: the Suzuka Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifiers were postponed to Sunday morning and two Rugby World Cup matches were to be held on Saturday (France-England and New Zealand). -Zealand-Italy) were canceled on Thursday.

Hagibis was also likely to jeopardize the meeting between Scotland and Japan Sunday, decisive for Scotland. The organizers had to make their decision on Sunday morning.

The match between Namibia and Canada, scheduled Sunday in Kamaishi was also uncertain, warned Saturday night World Rugby.

The typhoon also paralyzed transport in the greater Tokyo area: the air, rail and metro lines were suspended.

Japan is hit by twenty typhoons each year. Before Hagibis, Faxai had killed at least two people in early September and caused extensive damage to Chiba.

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