2019 Golden Ball: negative record for Modric | News


If there are those who await glory (awarding on December 2), there are already those who know they cannot aspire to Golden Ball 2019: yesterday the 30 candidates of France Football, is now hunting for the great excluded. The negative year of real Madrid has weighed heavily on the list and not by chance Luka Modric establishes a first time strictly not to celebrate: it was not never happened that a winner of the past year would not be chosen among the 30 finalists of the following year.

In the wake of the number 10 of the Blancos there are those who are not much better, including theItaly: like last year, there is no Italian player among the thirty finalists (we need to go back to 2017 with Buffon's fourth place and Bonucci's 21st). There Spain instead try this shame for the first time in 2019: it is no coincidence that not even Sergio Ramos appears on the list. Without Cavani, Suarez and Godin, Uruguay is not represented either.

The exclusions of Neymar and Pogba, choices that are however widely motivated. Given all the injuries of the Brazilian PSG, the missed eighth consecutive participation in the list of 30 is almost consequential. The French pay the bad season for Manchester United, from which he wanted to escape already in the summer.

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