20 minutes – Turned, he ends at the pub with fans


Trainer Barnsley (2nd division English), Daniel Stendel was dismissed this Tuesday. The German technician suffered the catastrophic departure of his team (23rd and penultimate rank), which has won only one of its first eleven games in his new category of play.

But instead of locking himself alone at home to mull over his disappointment, Stendel (45) is going to set up his foothold (and perhaps drown his sorrow) at the nearby pub, where he was cheered by the fans, who did not clearly hold him to the negative results of their favorite team. It was a very moving period for me, had time to tell the ex-coach at the local newspaper, while the fans were shaking and shaking his hand while taking pictures.

Stendel, who, according to the witnesses, was supposed to clutch several shots of tequila, is no stranger to the Garrison, an immense pub in which he came to celebrate the promotion of Tykesfew months ago. With his assistant Chris Stern, also thanked early in the week, Stendel won 31 of his 66 games on the Barnsley bench. A manager who goes to the wedding with supporters after being fired, this is not trivial, you will agree.



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