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We close our live here and thank you for joining us.

With this victory Krajinovic returns to the top forty of the world rankings. Instead for Fognini this is a very heavy defeat in an ATP Finals perspective.

6-4 VINCE FILIP KRAJINOVIC! The Serbian eliminates Fabio Fognini and qualifies for the quarter-finals after an hour and thirteen minutes of play.

40-15 There are two match points for Krajinovic.

30-15 Fognini makes no mistake with the backhand near the net.

30-0 Another point of the Serbian who is approaching victory.

15-0 First winner of Krajinovic.

4-5 Fognini keeps the service and offers another chance to recover.

40-30 Krajinovic puts the answer in the corridor.

30-30 Bad mistake on the Ligurian side.

30-0 First winner of Fognini.

3-5 Krajinovic also closes this game and approaches victory.

40-15 Response of malice of the Ligurian.

40-0 Ace by Krajinovic.

30-0 Serbian service and volleys.

3-4 Crazy straight by Krajinovic, who takes the break. Now it's hard for Fognini.

15-40 Fantastic response by Krajinovic and Fognini is wrong. There are two break points for the Serbian.

15-30 Beautiful acceleration of the Serbian.

15-15 Fognini sinks the reverse.

3-3 Krajinovic closes a dangerous game.

40-40 Sensational answer from Fognini.

40-A Backhand by Krajinovic.

40-40 Fognini breaks through with the forehand and brings the game into a draw.

40-15 On the ribbon the reverse side of Fognini.

30-15 First winner of the Serbian.

15-15 Beautiful backhand acceleration by Fognini.

3-2 Fognini wins the game at zero.

40-0 Other ace by Fognini.

30-0 First winner of Fognini.

2-2 Pretty comfortable game for Krajinovic.

40-15 Very convenient mesh backing for Fognini.

30-0 Two Serbian first winners.

2-1 Fognini keeps the service.

40-30 Bravo Fognini to take the initiative and compel the Serbian to error.

30-30 Fognini sinks the forehand.

30-15 First winning center of the Ligurian.

15-15 Double foul by Fognini.

1-1 Fognini's acceleration in the corridor, which had three consecutive break points.

A-40 Fognini splint with the reverse side.

40-40 Fognini's splendid backhand answer.

A-40 Bad mistake of Fognini.

40-40 Krajinovic's network miracle. A volute also stopped lucky.

30-40 Exceptional counter-inlay of the Serb.

15-40 Fognini's reply in the corridor. Two more break points.

0-40 The will of the Serbian is very long.

0-30 Krajinovic misses again with the forehand.

0-15 Double foul of the Serbian.

1-0 Fognini wins the first game of the second set.

40-30 First winner of the Ligurian.

30-30 Fognini's winning straight.

15-30 Very long the recovery of the Ligurian.

0-15 Immediately an error by Fognini.

We start with the second with Fognini at the service.

2-6 Krajinovic dominates the first set. A Fognini really too foul. A change of pace by the Ligurian is absolutely necessary.

40-0 Along the passer by Fognini. Three set points for Krajinovic.

30-0 Fognini shoots the answer in the corridor.

2-5 KRAJINOVIC BREAK! Another mistake for the Ligurian (21st) and the Serb is holding the first set.

40-A still break ball! Nice backhand response from the Serbian and Fognini is wrong.

40-40 Fabio cancels everything with the short ball.

40-A Another break for Krajinovic. Straight error by Fognini.

40-40 Winner of the Serbian straight.

A-40 Another beautiful before Fabio.

40-40 Fognini cancels one more with the service.

30-40 Good before Fognini.

15-40 Fognini shoots the long forehand and there are two break points for the Serbian.

15-30 Back of backhand that ends up long for Fognini.

0-15 Bad mistake for Fognini with the obverse.

2-4 Krajinovic keeps the service to zero.

40-0 Excellent before the Serbian.

30-0 Krajinovic's winning winner

2-3 Splendid winner of Fognini.

A-40 One more beautiful before the native of Arma di Taggia.

40-40 Error for Fabio with the forehand.

A-40 Resounding winner by Fognini. A magnificent shot coming out of the service.

40-40 Double foul again by Fognini.

30-30 Bad mistake with the forehand backhand.

30-15 Double foul for Fognini

30-0 The Serbian shoots straight into the corridor.

1-3 In the end Krajinovic keeps the joke.

A-40 Fognini misses a comfortable straight on the run.

40-40 Beautiful Fognini reverse acceleration.

40-30 Fognini's winning response.

40-15 Excellent before the Serbian.

30-15 The Fognini passer-by comes out.

15-15 Service and winning backhand for the Serbian.

0-15 Spectacular straight pass by Fognini.

1-2 Another great service for Fognini, who is under a break.

40-0 Ace for Fognini.

30-0 Long response of the Serbian.

0-2 Still a wrong forehand and Krajinovic wins the game.

40-15 Krajinovic closes well with the backhand volley.

30-15 Fognini's Vincente di forehand.

30-0 Ace of Krajinovic.

15-0 Answer on the tape for Fognini.

0-1 The forehand still leaves Fognini and comes the break for Krajinovic.

40-A Another mistake by Fognini and unfortunately the break comes.

40-40 Another service first for the Ligurian.

30-40 Fognini cancels the first with the service.

15-40 Bad mistake of Fognini and immediately two break points for Krajinovic

15-15 First winner of Fognini.

0-15 First point of the match for Krajinovic

22.35: They are completing the last warm-up phases. It will serve as Fognini first.

10.30pm: The match should begin in five minutes.

22.20: It's a crucial match for Fognini, who is still in the running for the qualification for the ATP Finals. However, the Ligurian will need to get to the bottom here in Basel to hope.

22.15: The match between Wawrinka and Tiafoe is over. In a quarter of an hour the Fognini-Krajinovic challenge begins.

21.50: Fognini's match postponed again. It should start around 10.10pm.

21.30: Not before 10 pm the game will start.

20.07: Fabio Fognini's match will begin no earlier than 8.45pm. The previous challenge between Wawrinka and Tiafoe is still ongoing

Fognini's race towards the Finals

Hello and welcome to the direct live text of the challenge between Fabio Fognini and Filip Krajinovic, a match valid for the knockout round of the ATP tournament 500 of Basel: today, the second match starting at 7.00 pm will see the challenge that will oppose theItalian, number five of seeding, in Serbian, on the board with the special exempt after the final reached in Stockholm last week.

The difficult run-up by Fabio Fognini towards the ATP Finals continues: the Ligurian is forced to win today to be able to continue to lull the dream of taking off one of the two passes still available for the last seasonal tournament: the blue at the moment is 11th with 2280 points, while Matteo Berrettini, eighth and virtually the last of the qualified, is at 2570.

OA Sport offers you the live textual live match between Fabio Fognini and Filip Krajinovic, a match valid for the round of 16 of the ATP 500 tournament in Basel: today, Thursday 24 October, the game will be the second starting at 7.00 pm, while our live will start at the end of the match that precedes the blue match. Have fun with our live real-time text!

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