Zidane only shot Militao 30 minutes for PSG


At the beginning of the second part Zidane I sent him to warm up, and in the minute 60just fifteen minutes then he called to make him debut at the Bernabéu, although his debut was going to be eclipsed because he went out to the field next to Hazard.

The Brazilian was not lucky since in the minute 75 he I raised I was going to do the 3-2 that would make the fans nervous and therefore turned a quiet debut into a committed moment.

He hasn't had much participation, but to the crossing has been very good on several occasions, which clearly gives him the pass in his debut in the 'White House' prior to his great challenge, the game of Wednesday 18 where be headline with almost total security in the Park from the Princes due to the sanction of Bouquets last season to force yellow in the Johan Cruyff Sand, further, Nacho Nor can he play because he was sent off.

We will see how it goes to Militao in the most difficult game that will have the Madrid in the group stage, but the pre-season precedents and their behavior on the pitch today anticipate a great performance by the Ex of Porto.

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