Zidane is clear: there are 2 players below their level


The French coach is very disgusted with the performance of both Sergio Bouquets like Dani Carvajal, who considers important pieces in the team, but who are not giving the level that the Madrid coach expects from them.

Many of the goals that the Madrid this season they have been preceded by errors of bulk of one of the two Spanish internationals, so Zidane He is very worried and aware in order to recover the best version of both, which have always been indisputable in the technician's schemes.

The French technician is confident that both will get in tune with the passage of time, so that they reach the top both physically and mentally in spring, at which time the Madrid will have the key commitments of the season, especially in the Champions League. (The lie about Benzema that is expanding!)

What you expect Zidane, is that the two begin to work harder from now and accepting through self-criticism the mistakes that both have had at this time of season.

Wednesday at Park from the Princes Sergio Bouquets is sanctioned by what the head office together with Varane be Militao, which will make us see if the team improvement or not without the white captain.

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