YouTube viral: Zlatan Ibrahimovic denied Boca Juniors after journalist's question | VIDEO | Rest of the world


He responded to his style. It was not a joke or part of a television commercial, but the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic snubbed a journalist in the United States for a question about Boca Juniors in a fact that was registered in the portal of Youtube.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was approached by a journalist in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Galaxy players and he wanted to ask a question related to Boca Juniors and Daniele De Rossi, However, the international with the Swedish National Team is viral for which he replied.

"I can steal a question from you," the journalist launched and Zlatan, very kindly replied "yes", but whoever questioned would not imagine the response he would receive from the forward. "They called me from Argentina, from the radio show 'Boca de Selección'. Now De Rossi …", he said before the attacker interrupted him. Everything is seen in Youtube.


This was the viral action of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to a journalist. (Video: TyC)

"Do you want a picture or not?" The former AC Milan and Barcelona player asked and, obviously, the press man's response was negative to what the Swede, after a dry "ok", turned around and Withdrew leaving it in the air.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from Los Angeles Galaxy, adds a new viral in his extensive career in which he has been known egocentric responses as "you are talking to God" or who will not see the World Cup would be boring because he would not play it.

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