"You can't accuse anyone, you have to have evidence, a medical history …", said Caniggia Bird


        The former footballer went out to face his ex-wife&#39;s sayings. Look at all his defense!      </p><div>

Claudio Paul
and Mariana Nannis are facing each other in a very strong
legal and media war. It all started last summer, when they emerged
rumors of the supposed deception of former soccer player With a woman
called Sofia Bonelli. Although at that time he denied the versions and,
with his wife, he denied the divorce versions. Today the separation is a

In that context, Mariana revealed that she accused her ex-partner of being addicted to drugs and of having exerted gender violence on her. “It is not always physical aggression: it is also verbal aggression, with insults. A disaster (…). I am a good woman who protects her family, she does not take drugs, respects and does not cheat, ”she said in the living room of Susana Giménez.

The birdin a first
moment, he preferred to remain silent. However, fed up with the things that
they say they went out to defend themselves in dialogue with Tomás Dente to We in the Morning. "With
regarding everything they are accusing me of, all these days, in different
programs and channels… ”, he expressed the
former sportsman

They say, "How, if he comes to save him, why does he say all this?" Here are two
things, nobody is about to die and should not be saved. It's that simple ”, he completed
indignant. “I've also heard say, I don't remember who, in some
interviews, things like that: ‘why are you hiding or afraid to come for
here?'. I work and travel all the time, ”he said.

I participated in thousands of events throughout the year and traveled to 20, 30 countries
throughout the year without using anyone's name to go out or in the
Television or earn money. I earned it with sweat and I played football
almost 20 years and I'm still traveling because it's my job, ”he argued Charlotte's dad and Alexander Caniggia.

On the issue of gender violence, I respect him very much. It's more what
I totally disqualify because I know there is a lot of social sensitivity about this
issue and it's a sensitive issue, ”he continued. “You can't accuse anyone, you have to have
Evidence, a clinical history. You can't show pictures and say ‘he told me
hit ', ”he lamented.

“And I repeat: here nobody is about to die, nor should it be saved. I am a guy who takes care of himself, I train. People see me. I live in Puerto Madero, people see me on the street. I go out for dinner and lunch. What else can I tell you? ” Caniggia referring to the words of his ex-wife, who argued that he sought to save him from addictions.


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