Yerry Mina received a fine in England for commercial betting – International Football – Sports


Yerry Mina, Colombian defense of English Everton, was fined 10 thousand pounds, about 41 million pesos, due to the problem that arose when the footballer was the protagonist of a betting commercial in Colombia.

Mina must cancel that sum of money and, in addition, she received a warning: if she returns to incur that fault the sanction will be more drastic, You can even be kicked out of the League of England.

The defense was accused of misconduct in relation to alleged infractions
to your betting regulations.

The English Football Federation said the charge is related to Mina's alleged appearance in a betting announcement "in which you are prohibited from participating".

In England several hypotheses are handled by which Mina was saved from a hard
It saved him that the announcement was completely in Spanish, it was not transmitted outside Colombia and as soon as the scandal broke the propaganda was eliminated.

Further, Yerry Mina did not directly benefit from the commercial payment, but the money went to her Foundation.

Similarly, it served him that he admitted the mistake and apologized for what happened.


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