"Wuilker can become whatever he wants because of his conditions"


He is day to day with Wuilker Faríñez, Jefersson Martínez, Ramiro Sánchez and Juan Moreno. Your goal is to empower them. A few weeks ago the Antioquia, who had the mission of replacing the Venezuelan, while fixing his contractual situation with the blue directive, said that Juvenal Rodríguez, coach of archers of Millionaires has been strengthening him. "With Professor Juvenal I think I have improved what positioning is. Know that when the striker bows his head it is time to shrink, "he said.

Faríñez last semester was one of the figures of the championship with its magnificent saves, which were praised even by FIFA. The silent work of Juvenal Rodríguez has been fundamental to make the Venezuelan one of the best South American goalkeepers.

Iker Casillas praised the Millionaire goalkeeper. He stressed that it is explosive and feline. Juvenal believes that Faríñez can reach the level of the mythical Spanish archer, world champion. "Casillas is an idol of Wuilker, one day I saw videos of Iker and he throws some balls as difficult as he takes them, the two are very similar, "he said in dialogue with AS Colombia.

The Millionaire archer coach also talked about the competition in the blue bow, the praise of his pupils, the virtues that each one has, of the anecdotes he remembers after his 6 years working for the Bogota team and the work he did with the goalkeepers of Female Millionaires in the quarterfinals against Santa Fe.

"It's hard to understand why we have in mind that goalkeepers have to be tall, but Wuilker is the antithesis"

Juvenal Rodriguez

What does it mean for Faríñez and Martínez to highlight their work?

"It gives one peace of mind that we are on a good path with them in development as archers. They are young boys of great conditions, what can be contributed in working with them in Millionaires is in understanding where they are, know what responsibility they have and that they have understood. "

Jefersson Martínez said that you have empowered him. How was that job?

"He understood that it is to be a Millionaire goalkeeper, it is different from playing in Envigado. So it was with Nicolás Vikonis who came from Patriots. They are teams where the goalkeeper has more activity, where the defense is always very close to his area and that is why has more activity. Here in Millonarios you try to be a team that attacks more, where you have to make better decisions over time because the defense is ahead, they come less times, but they are more vulnerable because they always find themselves hand in hand , the decisions there are vital and more the location and positioning that has worked with them. In his posture in the arc and in the area and that he has understood, he is doing very well. "

Pinto said he wants a more free Wuilker. How to achieve it?

"In the National Team of Venezuela, it is up to Wuilker to cover much closer to the arch, when he has to shrink the defenses to the side, here he has more space. Go finding that way to manage time and distance to go to cut behind of defense is not easy.so it goes from the posture with the ball and its defense, driving the back, playing with the intention, understand that when they throw the ball you have to go back because they can hang it, shrink in two times, that Wuilker does very well, that work is more collective. It is a more systematic work than analytical. "

What do you think of the competition between Wuilker Faríñez and Jefersson Martínez?

"That is the ideal of every team, I think it's not just the two of them, there is also Ramiro, who is very important in the work of Wuilker and Jefersson. Obviously he is already at another stage of his professional life, he is already very mature, but he has a great impact on them and on the team's work, it helps that competition be healthy Ramiro is the balance. Jefersson admires Wuilker very much and that's fine, he analyzes his virtues a lot. That leads them to be getting better, I feel that at the end of the tournament they will arrive at a very good level. "

The virtues of the Millionaire goalkeepers

"First because they have understood what it means to play in Millionaires, because they have come to improve that part of decision-making in which you have to have a lot of peace of mind. You have to handle the arc with a lot of patience. They have managed to put up with the striker and that is vital. They are powerful, fast, who can solve situations by their technical and physical capabilities. "

How did you see Wuilker's return to the Millionaires arc?

"It was key that he could be calm with the subject of his renovation. I saw him calm, concentrated, he had two or three passages where he was led to errors, but he himself resolved, we hope he will improve the level and have a more regular performance. It should also be noted that in the matches he has been we have never lost, He is a guy who always has to sustain the result. Before Pasto had an acceptable presentation, I think it can be much better, but it was good. Surely he will have better matches. "

Praise from Casillas to Wuilker … Can you reach the Iker level?

"Totally. It's something difficult to understand because we have in mind that the goalkeepers have to be very tall, but Wuilker is the antithesis of that, he can become whatever he wants because of the conditions he has. He has power, intuition strength, he has everything, we can say that he is not tall, but he can compensate with that. Casillas is an idol of Wuilker, one day I saw videos of Iker and he throws some balls as difficult as he gets them, the two are very similar. "

Anecdote with the archers of Millionaires

"Something that marked me a lot was in November 2017 before being champions. The players were squaring their vacations. The holiday period is very much desired by the players, because it is hard work not to see their family on weekends, the concentrations, the trips, but we said that it didn't matter the day we went out, we didn't want to leave before, so we had few vacations, we wanted to leave champions, one day we remember him with Nicolás Vikonis and Ramiro. "

Anecdote with Paula Villarraga, figure in the penalty shootout before Santa Fe

"Before the match with Santa Fe we met, we were in a talk by Professor Pinto about:" Discipline in the execution ", I commented that I would like to make an analysis because I was sure they were going to penalties. We first analyzed the penalties of the Colombian National Team against Argentina in the Pan-Americans and we saw the movement of the goalkeepers, we looked at positions and execution, we trained with the three goalkeepers, but the one who did the best was Paula, then we talked to the coach and the plan was fulfilled. They are very pretty. Girls have something and they are very applied, they believe what they are told and they absorb it very quickly".

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