With the Fiat Toro in the spotlight: after the mini Ranger, the mini Amarok is coming


For now it is a concep, but everything indicates that sooner rather than later, Volkswagen will begin production of the so-called Tarok project.

It is a compact pick up, Fiat Toro or Renault Oroch style, which would be located between Saveiro and Amarok. Thus, the German brand is working slowly but without pause to get into this sub segment that exploded a couple of years ago, first with the presentation of the Duster pick up version, but above all because of the arrival in the market of the Fiat Toro , which shares a platform with another successful product, the Jeep Renegade.

Pablo Di Si, head of VW Latin America, with the Tarok project.

The subsegment is also watched closely by Ford, which would be projecting the manufacture of a mini Ranger by 2021.

In relation to VW, the Tarok concept was already shown in São Paulo and also in New York, with excellent impact. In this case, the prototype is being disseminated in the Frankfurt Motor Show, the most important in Europe.

The Tarek project is in charge of an Argentine, Pablo Di Si, former president of VW Argentina and today at the head of VW Latin America. Although for now there is no official confirmation of when this compact pick-up could begin to occur, according to the executive the process is “with 80% progress”, according to the specialized site Autoblog.

VW Tarok

There are also many possibilities for Tarok to be manufactured at the VW plant in Pacheco, province of Buenos Aires. It is that the compact pick up would share a platform with Tarek, an SUV already confirmed to be manufactured in the country, in the production line that left Suran vacant.

In this case, the Tarek project (it will not be called that), will be located between the recently launched T-Cross and the Tiguan AllSpace. The VW SUV portfolio will be completed with Touareg.

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