Why does the “ladies economy” receive international attention?


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Beijing, 09/19/2019 (The People Online) – When the international price of gold fell sharply in 2013, the "Chinese ladies" became famous for rushing to buy gold. Foreign media not only created the buzzword "lady" (homophone of the word aunt in Chinese), but the "ladies economy" derived from it also received international attention. Many people are curious about where the magic and economic power of the "Chinese lady" comes from.

To some extent, the consumption and investment behavior of "gray-haired people" revealed by the "ladies' economy" is not only a microcosm of China's individual investors and household consumption behavior, but also a Vivid representation of the development of the country's integral strength in the 70 years since the foundation of the People's Republic of China.

The era of "gold" investment of the "Chinese ladies"

Liu Weiqin, a native of Zhejiang, still remembers the "gold war at a minimum price" in 2013. Liu Weiqin did not systematically study finance, and when "gold speculation" occurred, he relied on his own experience of investing more 10 years, or rather, in his investment "intuition".

Liu Weiqin realized that she could not make the money earned with so much effort "inactive" and began to get involved in investment and financial management through her friends. His current investment style is becoming increasingly stable, and his investment skills and techniques have also improved.

In the last 70 years, China's national wealth has accumulated rapidly, the level of culture and material has continuously improved, the level of consumption has improved iteratively, and the demand for financial management has also increased. The "age of inactive capital" has given rise to the "ladies economy", and the "Chinese lady" comprises a large population and a surprising purchasing power.

The "ladies economy" is a symbol of national purchasing power

In the traditional Chinese family structure, women have firm control of the "money bag" and are the decision makers and executors of the family's internal affairs. The emergence of the "ladies economy" has become an iconic symbol of China's economic level and the improvement of national purchasing power.

Experts believe that the "ladies economy" has attracted worldwide attention. In fact, it is about the interest and interpretation of the international community on the rapid economic development of China and the rapid growth of national wealth. It is also a reasonable phenomenon that arose after the economic development of a country has reached a certain level.

The National Bureau of Statistics published a report that shows that in 2018, China's GDP grew 175 times compared to 1952, with an average annual growth rate of 8.1%. During the past 70 years, prosperous people have a greater desire for wealth growth and quality of life.

The report shows that the concept of value investment of individual investors in China has gradually increased. In 2018, the proportion of value investment investors increased to 28.6%.

Experts believe that China is at a critical moment in economic transformation and improvement, and the emergence of the "ladies economy" phenomenon will provide a new growth point for the Chinese economy led by consumption.

"The economy of the ladies" reveals a potential for group consumption

Investment, consumption and exports have been hailed as the "three troikas" that drive GDP growth. This is a vivid expression of the principle of economic growth.

In recent years, China has made great efforts to play a key role in consumption and a key investment role. The contribution rate of domestic demand to economic growth has continuously improved and the structure of demand has gradually been streamlined.

The consumption performance of the "Chinese ladies" group reveals the consumption potential of multiple consumer groups. What cannot be ignored are the middle-aged and elderly groups that support the "gray hair economy."

The data shows that by 2020, the number of people over 60 will increase to around 255 million, and the proportion of the total population will increase by 17.8%. The scale of the consumer market for the elderly will reach 3.79 billion yuan, and industries related to the elderly are expected to become a new point of economic growth. In the future, in the areas of tourism, leisure, retirement and daily household consumption, the middle and senior age groups in the new era will promote high-quality consumption.

The "Chinese ladies" enjoy the happiness caused by the development of the homeland. The solid financial management and consumer demand they show are not only China's economic development performance and the accumulation of national wealth, but also the driving force of development and progress in all areas of life in China.

(Web editor: 赵健, Rosa Liu)

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