Who stabbed Sergio Ramos in the Real Madrid locker room?


The players of Real Madrid when they appear before the media, they seem to be in good tune, however, within the locker room there is some distrust among players. At the beginning of the new stage of Zidane In the merengue bench, there was a player who doubted his continuity, mainly because he felt that the cycle had been fulfilled. The player who heard some offers to leave the ‘White House’ was the Sergio Ramos's defense partner, Raphaël Varane, but ‘Zizou’ appealing to his legend poster, could change his mind.

With this decision, Varane Now he is not silencing his salary requirements, because he considers the difference more than doubled with respect to Bouquets as excessive The Frenchman at 26 is already world champion and the future of the Madrid defender, in that sense, of not reaching an agreement that benefits both parties, his departure next time will be impossible to avoid.

Sergio Ramos keeps distance with Varane

Some footballers have a slight suspicion that Varane he is the one who reveals the group's internal secrets to Florentino Pérez, so they try to keep some distance with the French.

One thing is interpersonal relationships and another very different is the workplace, where everyone will seek to fight for their individual benefits, and this is what has happened between Varane Y Bouquets. The white team does not need more internal problems, it is enough with the low performance, the lack of play and the endless injuries, as well as to include the bad relationship between the two best centrals of distance that has the Real Madrid.

Between the presidency and the coaching staff they should try to file rough edges and find that group harmony that once led them to make history in the Champions League.

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