West Texas Crude Oil Price Down After Trump was elected president Open war, withdrawn – nations


– Crude oil prices in West Texas dropped slightly. After the market is concerned about the political situation in the United States. From the President of the US House of Representatives announcing the start of an investigation process to remove the presidential constitution Trump leaves the position. Most recently, a telephone conversation has been disseminated between Pres. Trump and the Ukraine Presidency on the emphasis on the investigation, said Joe Biden, a former Vice President of the United States of America, who is a key competitor in the next election. Which may enter the camp using the power and duty wrongly

+ Increased Brent crude oil prices After the situation in the Middle East tighter From a statement from the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) that military weapons were sent To support Saudi Arabia To increase the level of surveillance Due to the attack on 2 crude oil processing plants on September 14, 62, resulting in the production of crude oil by 5.7 million barrels per day. Or equivalent to 5% of the global oil supply

+ Market worries about trade war. Behind China and the United States Has scheduled a trade negotiation meeting on 10-11 Oct 62 in Washington, USA, which is expected to be a tax on the import of Chinese goods from the United States That will increase to 30% at US $ 250,000 million on October 15, 62

Gasoline price

Dropped in opposite direction to Dubai crude oil prices After the US gasoline inventory numbers Adjusted above the 5-year average level, which is much more than the market predicted Although the number of Chinese gasoline exports decreased.

Diesel price

Rose more than Dubai crude oil prices After the supply is more tight From the refinery closed for maintenance In addition, the Chinese diesel fuel export figures decreased From the increasing demand

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