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A controversy almost as old as cycling. When there is a fall and the leader is involved, should we wait for him? Or, as it is a career set, can everyone do what they consider, without a clipper? And, even, if one has a previous plan, should one keep it, no matter what happened?

An ethical debate has been held this Friday at La Vuelta 2019. What you can do, what you must do. The UCI this day, after a fall in which the leader Primoz Roglic and the fourth classified, Miguel Ángel López, were involved: “In case of a fall, there is no sports fight”.

A decision applauded by Lopez. "If so, that's fine," he said before loading, and in what way !, against Movistar, whom he called "dumb," and his runners, whom he called "stupid."

“It's always the same stupid people who always take advantage of these things. It is not the first time, they have already done it more times. It's his way of always acting, ”he said indignantly.

And he did not stay there, but pointed to Alejandro Valverde, leader of the Spanish team and second ranked ahead of his teammate Nairo Quintana. "What a silly team the world champion has, what a world champion we have," Lopez added.

A Spanish runner, Luis León Sánchez, agreed in the background, although not in the forms, with his leader. “It was at the exit of a town, in a wet curve that would surely have some oil, when they all began to fall like dominoes. There were many people, people quite screwed up, with the doctor asking for a Mobile UVI … and a team starting up ahead, ”he said, annoyed.

“They told me that they were orders from the station (from those responsible for the team, for the‘ pinganillo ’),” he commented on what his acquaintances ‘telephone’ told him.

On the other side of the debate, the indignant was the director of Movistar, José Luis Arrita, who accused the UCI of deciding “who wins the races” allowing those involved in the fall to link with the squad after motorcycle. "If the UCI decides who wins the races, perfect, but I do not share it," he added, in statements to Spanish Television.

Arrieta complained about having to send "stop the runners" when "he planned to attack" a little later in "an open area" after "a descent" and "cross a bridge" to take advantage of the influence of the wind.

And he remembered that in the Tour de France "nobody stopped to wait for Valverde when he fell."

More measured, Josean Fernández Matxín, director of the UAE Emirates and therefore of the young Tadej Pogacar, who went with the Movistar, saw the decision of the UCI “quite rare”. "Situations like those of today happen to all of us, for better or worse, are normal circumstances of the race," he said.

In the middle of the two positions, those who did not get to see the dimension of what happened or do not want to pronounce themselves.

One of them, a Movistar, Imanol Erviti, also involved in the fall. “I have not heard what happened because I have also fallen. What I tried is to see how the bike was because the bike was broken and also the shoe cut, ”he said.

For Erviti, anyway, "more than throw", what his team did was take advantage of "it was the fan zone".

Another who claims not to know "what has happened" was the leader Primoz Roglic, who prefers to "wait to see the images" to comment.

Roglic, as after each stage, prefers to think only that he has one less day left to reach Madrid. Ethical debates either do not worry or do not want to enter them. And more carrying the Red. The one that interests everyone and the reason for opening debates like this.

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