Viral facebok: boy caught smoking in a stadium was not what it seemed | Video | FB | Turkey | Unusual Rest of the world


The transmission of the party that disputed the Bursaspor and the Fenerbahce It was opaque when the cameras managed to register a child who smoked a cigar quite easily.

The material was subsequently published in Facebook and other social networks. As expected, users expressed their outrage and condemned the fact because, ironically, the commitment raised funds for children with leukemia, Down syndrome, autism and other ills.

The stir caused by the recording caused that those who were present were given the job of looking for the 'child'; nevertheless, they ended up taking a big surprise when knowing the truth.

And is that the alleged minor was actually a "36-year-old" man who was accompanied by his son, according to the Yureginikoyortaya Instagram account.

In Turkey, the inhabitants are traditionally associated with cigarettes, although their consumption has been banned in public spaces for almost ten years.

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