Videos. Shocking images of a sudden flood in Imlil


For more than a week, Morocco has been hit by several floods in several regions of its territory. After the tragedy of Taroudant, it is the turn of the region of Imlil in the province of Marrakech to experience floods. The heavy rains constituted a huge current carrying almost everything in its path.

The rains in the Haouz region Sunday afternoon caused flooding of rivers that were strong in the village of Imlil, 70 kilometers from Marrakech, where two cars were washed away, witnesses said.
Sources from the "Imnan" valley region, about 10 km from Imlil, reported that the flooding of the valley also caused great losses.
The same sources indicated that the floods that affected the villages of "Chdert" "Tengrin", and Dwair "Wanskra" and "Tamkisht", uprooted trees, especially walnut trees, and damaged pastures, these losses are very important, especially since the flood occurred at a time when the harvest is approaching. The sources add that many people in these villages have been stuck at the top of the mountain, because of the difficulty of access to their houses, because of the damage of the roads.

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