Video: A long Dax faces again a key area that already tried in July


As today's video analysis title says on It is still at the end of Friday with a volume not exceptional but completely long, and facing weekly closure to a key resistance zone such as the 12,500-6,600 zone, an area that already tried multiple times this past July to overcome without achieving it. Our MQT assessment is also long since these last two weeks. We have seen how the volume entered each week more than the previous one, but it has not yet been able to invalidate the previous short volume, so it will be important to see if this week it enters even more volume and exceeds the mentioned area of ​​12,500 – 12,600. If the latter occurs, the following resistances would be in the Fibonacci 76.4% of the number from historical highs to the lows of last December at 12,800 later and before the historical highs above 13,600 is the area of ​​13,000.

Since in July I have already reached this resistance zone, we should not neglect the possibility, at least, of lateralizing at least a few days to see the reaction of the markets to the next meeting and next Wednesday, the 18th.

We do not see the short option at the moment, but we can attend some normal correction of so much previous rise. The supports, if we go short we will mention them in detail in the video analysis that accompanies this writing.

As we have commented a lot lately, every precaution and close monitoring becomes inevitable.

As always in today's video analysis you will have everything in more and better detail and a more extensive explanation.

Video: A long Dax faces again a key area that already tried in July

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