Vidal reappeared and said "there can be no development if there is a crack"


The Buenos Aires governor, Maria Eugenia Vidal, said Tuesday that "We have to turn this crisis into a learning process. The crisis has to become a path of consensus and dialogue", when speaking in a congress organized by the Industrial Union of the Province of Buenos Aires.

"If there is something that this crisis, once again, shows Argentina and Buenos Aires, it is that there can be no development model, support model to those who produce, model that puts the work as the axis, with cracks."

In its first public appearance after the primary elections, in the event of the Buenos Aires industrialists in Costa Salguero, the governor added that "If those who make decisions are on the path of dialogue and consensus, surely there will be good results".

"Argentina and the Province need a concrete dialogue, not a speech dialogue, not an empty word dialogue, but a concrete dialogue that leads to consensus," he insisted.

"We are all responsible, who we govern now and who are elected, the industrial and social leaders."

According to the governor, it will be that dialogue that "brings us that tranquility, those certainties, that each of you needs to be able to grow and generate work" ..

Vidal was one of the speakers on the last day of the SME Industrial Congress, which takes place since Monday in the framework of the celebrations for September 2, the day in which the work of this sector is celebrated.

Thus, the Buenos Aires president differed from the president Mauricio Macri, who was absent from the meeting of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA), of which the Minister of Production participated, Dante Sica.

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